GIVEAWAY: Mother of all Occasions

Cheese and pineapple on sticks, bin bag witch costumes, gold tinsel and Cadburys ‘how do you eat yours’ cream egg campaign. It’s safe to say occasions have come along since my childhood.

Cheese and pineapple on sticks, bin bag witch costumes, gold tinsel and Cadburys ‘how do you eat yours’ cream egg campaign. It’s safe to say occasions have come along since my childhood.

Of course, my parents didn’t have Pinterest, Instagram or Photoshop back in the 80s and 90s, but they still made an effort to create magic. From building a miniature replica of our home just so Santa could be photographed on the roof, to writing letters from the Easter bunny….. something in my early years stuck with me and now, with all this added technology, I can’t help but go OTT with special occasions.

I’m a creative…. nappy changing, school running, coffee making and play dating just don’t quite scratch that itch for me. So, I channel it into creating memories for my children. Birthday parties with extravagant themes, Easter baskets with matching hessian bows, Christmas with, well, bells on! You get the point. The problem is, Pinterest doesn’t reply, Instagram can’t give constructive feedback or ego boosting affirmation and Facebook doesn’t ask ‘does anyone know where can I get Halloween decorations for the whole house on a budget?’……… until now!

Yep, I’ve bored my family and friends long enough with my plans and themes, it’s time to find my tribe! And I know they’re out there, liking images of message in a bottle party invites, searching the hashtag ‘hungry caterpillar party’ and finding deals on Xmas Eve box fillers….. so it’s about time we all had a place to hang out together! A perfectly coordinated place with beautiful attention to detail and cake….. lots of cake!

Welcome to ‘MOTHER OF ALL OCCASIONS’ a Facebook community for mums to share, inspire and connect with likeminded event addicts.

To ensure launch week goes off with a party popping bang, I’ve teamed up with not one, but six, mum-led businesses, to give one lucky group member party/occasion supplies worth over £150!!!!! Collectively, these fabulous prizes will ensure your next event will be a truly magical occasion!!

Our £150+ giveaway includes:

5 bespoke party boxes from The Humble Hostess

A step away from traditional party bags with plastic toys and a balloon, Humble Hostess party boxes are gorgeous baking kits for little ones to take home. They can be stylised to any theme and adapted for any occasion! Personalised and colour coordinated.

What’s more, these little boxes of joy are not restricted to birthdays, they’re also ideal for Easter holidays, Halloween treats and Xmas Eve box activities. Dietary requirements can be catered for and coordinating table decorations and party supplies are also available, taking the stress out of any occasion.

A Boxhead Party Pack for 10 people from Boxhead Crafts

Approved by the good toy guide, Boxhead Crafts is the worlds only manafacturer of blank box heads, sturdy enough for storage, versatile enough to wear, they’re a perfect craft activity for your Minecraft themed party. Smaller sized packs are available on the website, in addition to free downloads and an inspiration gallery.

16 Mail Order Chocolate Brownies from: Twinkle Twinkle Little Tarr

Gooey and gorgeous, available in three flavour options and gluten free, you can win a box of 16 delicious brownies delivered straight to your door. Perfect party bag fillers, stocking stuffers or, if we’re honest, just a late night snack, these brownies are divine (yep I’ve had some myself). As well as home delivered treats, Devon based Twinkle Tarr offers a bespoke cake creation for every occasion, children’s party packages for little bakers and adult decorating courses.

A £15 voucher from Sweetpea Paperie

Sweetpea Paperie is a Norfolk based graphic design business with a flair for all that is elegant and beautiful! Who doesn’t love a good selfie, flat lay or gorgeous house print in the holidays? I’m so happy to be able to offer you some truly unique and exquisite designs, I have three in my home at the moment myself and more on the way. But what can you expect from her shop?
How about a calendar for all your party planning dates?
Christmas prints to match your decor?
A milestone board to celebrate a special age?
A seating plan for a big occasion?
Or a seasonal quote just for Instagram?
Most prints can be fully personalised at no extra cost.

If you’re interested in ordering at any point, we are lucky enough to be brandreps, so pop in the discount code ‘ITSONME’ at checkout for FREE UK shipping.

Fully customised cake topper + 12 accompanying cupcake toppers from Rose and Gold

Cake, of course is the staple of every special occasion. The centre piece of your table! Laser cut in a variety of themes, colours and styles, these elegant toppers are totally instagram worthy, modern with dual colour options and added glitz, they’ll tie together all your decor ensuring a show stopping table set up. Bespoke designs can be created according to your theme or you can browse the website and beautifully styled Instagram for seasonal trends and design inspiration.

and finally

1 Party Pack: 16 fully customised badges from Scarborough Scribbles

With 15 party guest badges (38mm) and 1 personalised badge for the birthday child (45mm), Scarborough Scribbles will match your theme with a truly bespoke service. In addition to badges and party packs, personalised stickers and vinyls are offered. Perfect for personalised gift labels at Xmas and sweet cone sealers, Jenn will work with you to craft a design which ties in with all of your OTT plans and styles. From unicorns to dinosaurs, footballs to fairies…….. hen parties, to tea parties….there’s even some rather funny Valentine’s cards on sale at the moment, so as cheesy as it sounds, the only limit is your imagination…..yeh ok that was cheesy, cheese and pineapple on sticks cheesy, but you get the point!

To be in with a chance of winning ALL of these fabulous prizes, you’ll need to join the group before Saturday 9th of February! At 8pm I’ll be drawing the winning name live and sharing an extra special surprise!

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  1. This is fantastic. Such a great giveaway. Love the boxhead crafts. Son is really into minecraft at the moment so thinking that might be his theme this year. He might be into something else before November though. Hope not, I would love a minecraft theme.

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