Toddler Room Makeover with Frenchic

Wooden upcycled animals nursery

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Take a wander into our garage (I dare you) and aside from the rather impressive Warhammer set-up my husband is constructing and the usual ten boxes of Xmas decs, you will also find – a lot of furniture! It’s like a treasure trove in there, trip over a garden hoe and you’ll find yourself sandwiched between a vintage wardrobe and several bedside cabinets, a rainbow of solid wood units waiting for a home. 

Most have had homes before their banishment to our garage because, well that’s what happens when you’re a renter: while most people move into their forever family home and get to work styling their space with made to measure cupboards, matching suits, and bespoke items, we, as non home owners find ourselves with quite a collection of random pieces instead. Some, perfect in a previous property, no longer fit through doors in the new, others are in over-supply (mainly wardrobes as we now have built-in) and some even, from our own childhood, donated by parents relieved to be decluttering their own homes…….. there really is an assortment of goodies! Yet I don’t want to part with them, any that have survived my 15 years in rental properties are good quality. Their resale value would only afford a few cheap flat packs, so, now that we are settled in what we hope will be a more long term place, I’m keen to utilise some of these gems for our next few projects.

1990s pine chest of drawers

A few years ago I did a similar project with Harriet’s room, upcycling an old dressing table from my own childhood to match her room…. it took days though. The entire half term and then some……our kitchen was out of bounds…. sheeting on the floor, drawers drying for days before new coats could be added…..all that prepping, sanding. painting, buffing, waxing and sealing….. (are you exhausted yet?). Of course it was worth it but it was also exceptionally time consuming and we had two and a half less children then. So I knew I needed to carve out the entire summer to make a dent in my most recent plans….. yet here I am, not even a week into the holidays and the project is complete already…… 

My secret weapon this time? Frenchic’s new and improved lazy range of furniture paint…… it promised (and delivered) to simplify the whole process, we even had time to strip the walls, lightly plaster, repaint (using more Frenchic chalk paint) and dress and style the walls and bed……. all this with 4 children in the house and not a cheeky handprint in sight…… non toxic and fast drying, we have been blown away by the ease of use, coverage and, in the case of the walls, clean cut application (many other varieties bleed when using masking tape to create block colour).

We have so much left even after completing the project
this colour is hot mustard though there are many other options available
not just for furniture! Ideal for wooden shapes and toys. Frenchic also has an outdoor range, if it sits still long enough, it can be painted

The whole process was rather addictive, so much so, that I’ve been wandering around with a paint brush wondering what else I can up-cycle……. a far cry from my exhaustion following Harriet’s desk…. this eagerness means we have now not only revamped our existing dated wares but also a handful of modern budget items also….Combining a similar colour pallet to create an awesome boho cowboy themed room fit for our littlest outlaw! 

I did lightly sand the drawers to ensure they were free from years of wax polish, we also removed the feet to modernise the piece and spray painted the existing knobs gold. This colour pallet was replicated with an Ikea child’s stool! The perfect bedside table
We have big plans for some art on this wall (check out that crisp blue line) and only one coat was needed over the white
Although not part of the lazy range we also used the blue chalk paint on these Ikea shelves.
still work in progress, but wow it’s looking cute

If, like us you love the simplicity and effect of this product then do take a look at the Frenchic website,

*This was a gifted product in exchange for an impartial review, affiliate links are used in this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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