Four For Dads: Christmas Gift Guide

So I asked the kids what to get their Dad for Xmas this year, Roo’s reply? Peppa pig pjs!! This is even funnier because he already has a pair of Daddy Pig lounge pants from last year, why is it that as soon as you have children you’re required to dress like a cringey cartoon character and get novelty items for Xmas? Ha ha! Welcome to my third gift guide instalment ‘Four for Dads’

Something you need: Beards are in style!! In fact, Ernie recently asked me why all Dads look the same on account of an emerging trend in facial hair. So it stands to reason that the ‘need’ gift for dads is fuzz related! So which do you choose? I’d always recommend going with a well known brand for shavers panasonic uk have an extensive range to suit all budgets starting at less than £40*.

Now I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert, I don’t know much about the topic, so I asked the hubster (that’s not cool is it) to tell me what he looks for. Apparently the Panasonic range is ideal, it offers precision and various style and density options….. he also got quite into explaining the curves and sheen of certain designs…… he went all James Bond over them…. here’s my contribution…a photo of my favourite bearded men……. (Happy Christmas)

Something you want: Agrah. I dunno how many times I’ve asked my husband what he wants for Christmas only to be told meh, nothing, er and shrug (no, that’s not a typo)….. I’ve lost count of the amount of shops I’ve walked into along the city centre looking for the ‘ideal present’. Apparently we can do this online though, far less hassle and all in one place at find me a gift. There’s plenty of categories to search through, from teens to babies and secret Santa to dads, I dare you not to get lost.

So what did I pick out for Dads? Well I looked at chocolate hampers and personalised tools, beautiful prints and novelty fun, and then I figured I better ask my husband. Rather than risking a one syllable reply, I sent the web link via WhatsApp (cos that’s how modern marriages work) and waited.

Turns out men are just like boys when it comes to Christmas, they want gadgets. Of course it was under the guise of being ‘something we could all share’, but he’s pretty excited to open his very own Virtual reality headset on Christmas Day…..

Something to wear: Before my husband and I met, his Mum chose his clothes, after, I chose them. Then we had kids and neither of us ever bought clothes again ha ha! While our children are kitted out in gorgous threads, Scott and I have all but given up on our own style….. I don’t think we would even know what was in fashion now. Isn’t it funny, for parenthood is all consuming. Luckily, I have this blog, a little outlet for creativity, husband has work, but when he gets home he likes nothing better than to put on his Daddy Pig pjs and a warm jumper and….. well I was gonna say chill out, but quite often he helps me! Whether it’s shelf styling, light setting, camera charging, proof reading or sending encouragement via whatsapp I’ve totally got myself an Instagram husband.

Which is why I had this awesome sweatshirt designed by Hayley at 4cubz.

 4Cubz Clothing offer a unique and totally bespoke print and design service. Whatever item you can imagine, they’ll work with you to create a custom design.

I chose this super soft sweater in deep red and the quality is amazing. It’s so important to support new and small businesses and so I would urge you to check out their Facebook page also, let’s support other parent led start ups….. and I’d love to know what design you come up with for your other half. (side note, totally not restricted to Dads….. think matching Xmas Eve family pjs, baby announcement t’s and Xmas sweaters).


Something to read: And we are heading back to find me a gift. How about a bespoke book club subscription? Yep, books delivered straight to the door every month, you can select favourite genres in order of preference and even leave a note detailing other books and authors that have been enjoyed.

This is a gift that keeps on giving for however many months you wish it to. You can choose to give your booklover either a 3, 6 or a 12-month subscription to The Willoughby Book Club

So there we have it 4 for dads! Next week?! 4 for teens!

Disclaimer, some items have been gifted to us in exchange for an honest review or mention, but of course all thoughts and opinions are my own *Ad

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