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With a house move on the cards I’m slowly coming to terms with leaving our current rental place. It’s heartbreaking when I consider all the time and money I put into decorating these walls but I have to say I won’t be sad to see the back of certain parts of our home. 

When you rent it’s difficult to justify forking out for new carpet or expensive coverings, and I’m so glad now that we delayed plans to create a command centre in our hallway and fit wood in the playroom

All fingers are firmly crossed that we can finally buy our own home. With five children and a tiny budget we will have to compromise somewhere, but knowing you won’t be moved on is an incentive to invest more in decor. We love the idea of buying a place we can renovate and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been pinning ideas in an effort to remain positive. 

I’m not a fan of modern grey, I think I’ve always identified with Molly Weasley and while I don’t expect to own a magical BURROW home anytime soon, I do prefer the eclectic look.

So, with that in mind, here are my five must-haves when it comes to creating our dream living space


Nothing says home quite like books, we have so many here, and I adore the idea of a reading nook. While others crave a decorative bookshelf, I’d love a wall of literature. I hate that we are faced with the possibility of having to get rid of books in order to downsize and would love to find a home where I can incorporate shelves.


In our current home I have pompom garlands around the living room and I adore the colour and texture they bring to the space. A fan of crochet granny blankets, patchwork quilts and soft mixed fabric cushions, I love to mix up textiles to create a cosy feel. 


Teamed with a cosy rug, hard wood flooring is both beautiful and practical in a family space. Easy to clean but hard wearing and stylish, wooden floors marry modernity and traditional design.


A large open fire for cooler autumn days, I’m a walking, talking October cliche. There’s something whimsical about holey toe socked feet warming with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Somewhere for the stocking at Christmas and a focal point for the space.


No matter how beautiful, the space needs to be practical too. We currently have a playroom and I’m under no illusion that will be an option in the future, lots of hidden storage is a must, somewhere to hide the toys, so the room can transform back to an adult living area come the evening. 

So what about you? What would you have in your dream home?

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