Balsam Hill Christmas House Walk

Deck the halls with….. oh no I can’t start a blog post about Christmas styling with that can I? I mean, I know that during the festive season it’s almost a requirement to turn the cheese factor dial to the max…. but perhaps something a touch classier is needed in today’s post?

Do you ever feel like your life is leading to one moment? That all your plans and ideas will one day come together…… nah nor me but it must be nice to live with that sort of certainty for the future. I’d imagine that’s how Santa feels all year round…. I must ask him, I totally plan on leaving him a note….. how are you, how’s the Mrs, how’d you like my tree this year, it’s a Balsam Hill, that sorta thing….. (smoooth, see what I did there?)

I’m delighted to say I’ve partnered with Balsam Hill for their Christmas house walk 2018!! To showcase their beautiful holiday decorations in my home, their exquisite products knitting together years of memories with nature, modern flair and style, so welcome, one and all……

This is the 19th place I’ve called home. I’ve moved a lot in 32 years, not just house, but cities, countryside, families and social class. In and out of systems and tick boxes. My Christmas’ permeated by other people’s traditions and ideas. Different food, different trees, different styles and different ideals.

I know that it’s not four walls that make a home….. it’s memories and family…. and yes that’s cheesy (again) but perhaps that’s why I’ve come to adore this time of year?! Why getting the house ready for Christmas is almost as much fun as the day itself?! Balsam Hill’s decorations have enabled me to marry tradition with modernity and, I’m honoured, humbled and in need of a mulled wine! I especially love the nature inspired hanging decorations, beautiful oversized pinecones, acorns and bark, with added sparkle.

There are of course three sides to Christmas, the first side looks back, not just on the year but an entire life, it’s the side every person in the family feels as they lift out each decoration from the box, it’s Christmas Past!! A jolt of memories. For me it’s all my Grandmother’s embroidery, my Mother’s home made decorations, the children’s crafts and those traditional rich warm colours of the festive season. I’m delighted to add to this style these stunning Balsam Hill mixed material Farmhouse ornaments, heirloom quality, seamlessly complementing my memories and hopefully serving my children and grandchildren with similar heartwarming moments for years to come. From tartan bobbins to faux fur ice-skates, reindeer and sleigh bells…I love the idea of generations reminiscing ….. after all that’s why I have a big family. Having spent so long bouncing between the memories of others, scrambling around to find my place, I can now bestow what I hope will be generation upon generation of love, and warm memories even when I’m long gone…..

The Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Garland  is so realistic and the perfect foundation for our hallway and table setting. I’ve teamed it up with textures and fabrics from Christmas Past, dating right back to my Grandmother’s childhood; splashes of recollection and light,with a warm glow, transforming our entrance hall, dining, and outside living areas with natural elegance and charm. Yet, I still always feel torn at Christmas between two styles: the rustic charm of nature, and the frosty cool tones of a winter wonderland……

And so we move on, to Christmas Present! And what a gift…… My own style can be best described as unique. While others are fawning over monochrome I like to bring colour!! Where life has had moments of uncertainty, mist, fog and even darkness, I celebrate the light at the end, the crisp light of day. It’s not that I reject the past by choosing a living room tree that’s modern, bold, daring and unconventional, it’s just right now I’m finding out who I am! Breaking away, setting my own traditions…and celebrating! I’m finally settled, a place to really call home and a much desired family of my own to fill the empty spaces. I’m discovering my own style.

Bright colours lift my mood!  The cool tones of the Balsam Hill Silver Frost wreath and matching garland, enable me to indulge in this wonderfully whimsical theme, without taking away from the contrasting
 decor in the rest of the house. The children have a tree in their playroom, one we adorn with crafts and paper chains, snowmen made from cotton wool and my garish ornaments from the 1990s. But the living room, that is my indulgence, my place to be me…. we don’t even have a TV in this room. It’s my canvas. 

Lets be realistic though, I’m a stressed out Mum, standing in front of a tree, praying the kids don’t tear it down so I can take a photo…… I’ll probably put the playpen around it and hope they don’t swing on it…. but it’s still exciting! This tree reflects my life right now: bold, fun, busy, jumbled, bright, creative and beautiful. It’s also a little slice of me. When you’re consumed by motherhood, Christmas plans, and blogging, you don’t get out much….. the line between self/home/motherhood blurred, this tree is merry, and bright… it’s adaptable and a little bit ‘extra’. I’ve always been a bit of a daydreamer, lost in my own fairytale and stories even now. Christmas Present to me is all about bringing magic, the sparkle of a rich textured silver beaded tree skirt….the home made topper, the glitter and the flocked branches of the tree itself. I’m creating the Christmas that I wanted as a child for my own children, without however, forgetting the past.

One day, one day, it will be quieter won’t it? One day the magic will be passed on, and who knows, this winter wonderland style I consider modern, might become part of someone else’s memories and treasures..

In Christmas future…..


Thank you Balsam Hill for weaving together my Christmas’ with your enchanting decorations

Frosted Fir Christmas Tree / Elizabeth Beaded Tree Skirt / Silver Frost Foliage / Fraser Fir Garland / Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments 


for including our home in your Christmas House Walk 2019

This was a collaborative blogpost with Balsam Hill UK, all products featured were selected by myself and kindly gifted in exchange for the above content and relevent images. As always, all writing, opinion, styling and random moments of wit are my own.




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