Unique Party Bag Ideas with the Humble Hostess

Two years, that’s how long I’d been planning Rupert’s Star Wars themed party! Two years!

It’s lucky he’s a steadfast, loyal sort of chap. Old beyond his years, Star Wars has been a constant companion in our household ever since our Roo was old enough to hold a toy lightsaber. 

But while having a birthday on Christmas Day makes the festivities extra special, arranging a birthday party when you’re still negotiating Christmas shopping, house decorating, present planning or stocking filling, can be somewhat problematic.

Last year we abandoned all hope entirely, and opted instead, for the Han Solo film, a day out as a family and a Christmas Day cake. Roo was happy enough with this (phew), but I knew I wanted to ensure he got a special day this time around, even if that day was two months after he turned 6.

So we did it, we had a Star Wars extravaganza in our home with ten boys all enjoying Wookie cookie decorating, light and dark side ball games, musical planets, pin the lightsaber on Yoda and pass the parcel. We even put Han Solo in carbonite jelly and added two scoops of Tatooine (sun) ice cream! Safe to say, fun was had by all (including myself obviously who loves to plan a good kids party).

I’m known for being a bit ‘extra’ when it comes to event planning. I’ve even set up a Facebook group for my fellow tribe of ott party mums, Mother of All Occasions is a month old today and has 155 members and counting. All sharing their special decor and extreme set ups. So, with this in mind, I knew I couldn’t send the children home with a plastic party bag and a handful of tat. I had to have something equally as exciting and unique as the event itself.

Enter ‘the Humble Hostess’ 

The creative child of a London based mum of 2! The Humble Hostess is an online bespoke party decor service. Inspired by beautiful Instagram worthy events, and a desire to create unique and affordable matching props, Jo aims to take the stress out of party planning by making coordinated, bunting, cupcake toppers, confetti and more……all tailored to your theme! And now, to celebrate the launch of her newest product….she kindly gifted us with her own unique take on the party bag tradition: 10 delightful mini baking sets for little ones to take home!

With a choice of kit, label, ribbon and name, these can be adapted to suit any theme. And, while copyright law prevents the use of unlicensed character items, I was still able to select a star icon and colour pallet to complement our day. The kits are substantial enough to be a party treat of their own or, like we did, you can add to an existing bag. 

 The feedback received from parents was so positive, I mean who wants glitter tattoos and stickers…… or worse…. snappers…… bouncy balls and plastic cars…… it felt great to be able to send the children home with something a bit different. I especially like that these are something an entire family can enjoy together. I don’t know about you, but the aftermath of parties can be a minefield, with four children obsessed by fairness, the party bag is often a source of conflict. In general I try and remember siblings when dishing out treats, including some additional sweets or an extra slice of cake, but these kits ensure siblings at home feel included and, well, more cake for us!

If you’re looking to find out more about these, do checkout Humble Hostess’ website or media channels. So I’d like to say a big thank you for making our boys’ day extra special and, I can’t wait to try out the baking ourselves in a few weeks, for Harriet’s 13th tropical beach themed extravaganza!

*We were gifted 10 party boxes in exchange for this post, but of course, as always, all thoughts are my own.

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