Our Easter Decorations

Yes, Easter is early this year…. Too early… I’m hardly over Christmas and with big girl Hs birthday sleepover and a pirate party to plan…. Easter is just too much… There’s only so many crafts a girl (ahem woman) can cope with. But, I refuse to be defeated!!! We all know I love a special occasion and, in between paper plate port holes and sleepover goodie bags…. The Macdonald clan have (with the help of our mothers help) made a perfect Easter centre piece… I even cleared out some storage baskets (there are shampoo and soap containers all over the bathroom floor now) to make the children an obligatory nest each…. After all, the Easter bunny needs somewhere to stash their goodies for Easter Day….. Even if the chocolate has a slight Lush scent

I may have got a bit carried away at the Range (I love that place so much)…. But when everything you need come in at under 25 how could I refuse a trip? ….. With two toddlers…. Yeh, I bribed with chocolate! But that’s what Easter’s about right? Chocolate… Oh and Jesus rising again… I wonder if Jesus liked chocolate? I’m sure he would LOVE Range…. If I died for everyone’s sins I’d def rise again to visit that place…. Maybe without two toddlers though…

I might or might not have stopped off at the most amazing sweet shop on the way home to get some Easter fudge…

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  1. Oh I really wanted to make an Easter tree after I saw yours! I even had Carl out the back sawing a branch off a tree the day before we came on holiday….. Then I realised how ridiculous that was and thought I’d better start packing some clothes first before I arranged Easter decorations. Yours is lovely, I’m jealous! X

  2. Lovely idea! I’m so rubbish with arts and crafts! Luckily my 10 year old is really arty and, if I show her this, she’ll lead proceedings and create something fab. I’ll go buy some Easter fudge……….. 😉 xx

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