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Hello and welcome to my small corner of the Internet. I’m Emily, outside the box creative and all round slightly awkward mum of four.

Established in 2013, Confessions of a Slummy Mummy is (as you might expect with 4 kids) a ‘slightly erratic’, family lifestyle blog. It’s our adventures, our day to day life: juggling coffee and careers, school runs and special occasions. It’s mud and sludge and PJ days at home. It’s not washing your hair for a week, or forgetting to take the bins out! It’s building Lego and doing the same jigsaw over and over and over again. It’s tantrums and hot chocolate, board games, songs from musicals and “are we there yets?” in ridiculously messy cars.

It’s also about love, creating memories and capturing childhood and turning our house into a home. It’s slightly geeky in places and decidedly uncool. But we’d love you to join us as we navigate our lives as a young family of 6.

Meet the Macdonalds

Growing up I always wanted to be an actress, then I got a bit fat and realised I couldn’t act, and so settled for writing instead. Despite spending most of my youth in the care system, and becoming a teenage mum to my daughter at just 19, I worked two jobs while studying as a single parent, eventually graduating university with a 1st Class Media and Journalism degree. Since then I have written over 100 published articles (aside from this blog) specialising in motherhood, family health and youth culture. I have been featured in Prima Baby magazine, Mumsnet, Bellakids UK and local print and film. I also used my combined knowledge of social work and the media as an online parenting supporter for Netmums, later becoming their Devon site editor. I’m passionate about photography, interior design and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I met my now husband Scott shortly before graduating. Together we have studied, juggled careers, watched boxsets, and had three more children. We are attachment parents but def more slummy than crunchy.

Devon born and bred Scott is a modern man I guess you’d say. Hes the tidy one of us both and a real hands on dad and step-dad. By day he’s a Lecturer in modern History and Classics and by night he can be found studying or playing Pokemon Go……I’d say that 80% of our marriage has been conducted via emojis over what’s app from separate rooms, maybe that’s why we’ve made it 7 years and are still fairly crazy about each other.

Harriet made me a mummy. My beautiful girl was born in 2006 and is in her second year of secondary school. I couldn’t be more proud of the little girl who it almost feels like I grew up with. She’s a creative, often found sewing, reading or writing. She’s passionate about animals and all things polar bear related. A true Gryffindor, and feminist warrior.

Rupert is our eldest boy, born on Christmas Day 2012 he’s methodical, witty gentle, and kind hearted. He’s Star Wars obsessed, out geeking even myself. He can name every character and the film they first appeared in, and he is never happier than when he’s completing a SW Lego set. He’s in his first year of primary school and continues to grow in quiet confidence. His amazingly dry sense of humour far exceeds his 6 years, often leaving the whole family in stitches.

Ernie is our firecracker, he’s tactile, tiny and a true Thespian. He loves to perform, to dance and sing and use toilet humour, sometimes all at the same time. He’s also the sort of lad who when exhausted from a day of entertaining the world, will curl up in your arms and give the most heart melting cuddles. At four years old, he’s ready to take on life with a mischievous grin and a fist bump.

Gulliver is the youngest of the Macdonald brood, our newest addition was born July 2017, so far I can tell you he likes, boob, mama cuddles, his brothers pulling faces at him, fromage frais and putting wooden blocks in his mouth….

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