I’m Sulking, But We Have Strawberries

Today’s Sunday walk saw us with the in laws once more, swiftly sidestepping the EU referendum, we ventured into their garden for some strawberry picking, then, after lunch, went national trusting, We weren’t expecting all the sludge and showers so excuse our hasty ‘make do’ attire…. Although perhaps it doesnt matter….and you can’t tell, because my camera…. Well let’s just say it is making me very sad at the moment.

Still just a happy snapper, I don’t bother to edit my images before putting them up on the blog, a bit of a crop and the odd auto straighten adjust, I’m normally fairly happy with the outcome, I like to focus on the children and family time and snap as we go…..but something has happened to my camera recently, it could be a Dawlish legacy… All that rain and, I suppose a bad workman should never blame his tools, but, what’s with all the fuzz??

I know, I should be telling you about the day, the anecdotes the smiles beyond the capture and all that crap but, I’m feeling very grumpy and sorry for myself. So here’s the best of a bad bunch…..but they do include my beautiful offspring so all hope is not lost.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend….. Even if the country is falling apart.

image image imageimage

Living Arrows

5 Responses to “I’m Sulking, But We Have Strawberries”

  1. At least we can review photos ahead of time now, remember when you had to take them to be developed, wait for them to come back, and THEN discover they were blurred, had fingers infront of them etc! #LivingArrows

  2. It looks like another lovely day out – and I love the photo with the hoods up! I’m like you, take a photo, maybe crop it but put it on the blog as it is. I quite like the honesty in not editing photos, raw and real x

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