Making Rainbows A Sunday Walk

What an amazing day we have had, growing weary of our normal haunts I suggested the beach for today’s Sunday excursion. We knew it would rain but this has never stopped us before and I secretly hoped that it would be fairly quiet as I really couldn’t be bothered to make an effort today…. I left the house in…. Wait for it…. (Whispers) joggers… Although not joggers really because this is me… So lounge wear…

Annoyingly I seem to be the only family member who doesn’t own a pair of wellies…. Hubby got me some Hunters once…. Yeh…. That was a mistake…. I never considered my ankles to be on the chunky side before that moment…. I must buy a new pair, if only to photograph the wet weather family footwear side by side… That would be Instagram worthy right?

So picture this, mad joggers lady in ugg boots frolicking in and out of the waves… Trooping to and from the carpark, sopping wet with a camera shoved in her jacket periodically to protect it from down pours…crazy mad red hair etc etc…. And you wonder why there are no photos of me?

 You know what though?? Who cares? We had a bloody good time.

I love vintage clothes for the children, I’ve written about it before, but, when it comes to our excursions I promised myself never to make a fuss about mess. I couldnt care less how much dirt my children attract, how ice cream smeared, how wet from the waves or how sandy their palms (although Roo does ask every ten second for a wet wipe). Yes, those wet clothes are probably still in the car… Festering in a carrier bag…. But the hilarious sight of my children in the back of the car on the way home, half dressed, sleepy, smeared and smiling is enough to melt my heart…. Don’t worry, I will go and get the carriers

Incase you haven’t worked out, today was a messy one

Dawlish Warren is about 45 mins away from us. Your typical holiday resort with arcades and campsites, static homes and funfair parks…. Beyond this is a beautiful Devonshire beach, we took along a purse of 2ps for the children to indulge in a bit of mindless gambling before passing the stalls of inflatables and nestling down on a soggy bench for preprepared sandwiches.


When we left home it was raining, when we arrived it was not…. After our lunch we trooped back to the car, to unburden ourselves of pushchairs and lunch boxes and put on our waterproofs. It continued like this all day, bright sunshine followed by showers…. Lots of puddles, rock pools ice creams and rainbows. A perfect Family Sunday.


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  1. Love the sea side. You’re not the only one that doesn’t own a pair of wellies. I don’t think I ever wore wellies in my whole life. For that reason none of my kids own wellies either. Surprising considering we live in a country (Ireland) where it always rains.

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