Stop planning, Start doing!

Everyone feels better when the sun is shining! I wanted to write a post and share our beach photos from the bank holiday weekend, but I’ve sat here for two three four nights now trying to think of a ‘spin’ or story to accompany them.

It seems that Im out of the habit of blogging (go figure). Since starting my YouTube channel I’m realising that dyslexia does hold me back quite a lot when it comes to creating a post.. I’m finding video editing easier and more practical than this, it’s trial and error… Ive not thrown one tantrum about the software (a rarity). Maybe I’m all out of written words?! If I’m to make a success of this though it’s important to follow my own advice, and the biggest piece of advice I give to other bloggers is “don’t get it right, get it written” I have so many ideas buzzing about in my head but actually sitting down and creating something tangible (and not in the form of an elaborate to do list) is difficult for me.

Serial procrastinator here! Always looking for a new venture. I’ve been considering setting up a group on Facebook for blogging prompts. I’ve also thought about offering writing advice, or even parenting support …. but ultimately these ideas are my way of not focusing on the task at hand. Instead of building a tall thin tower of projects and ideas, that will easily come crashing down.I’m going to lay foundations, extensive foundations!!! And that means writing and publishing even when it’s not ‘perfect”or audience relevant….. (sorry for spam guys)

We have had a wonderful bank holiday weekend, it was our 7th wedding anniversary and while we don’t bother with cards etc I couldn’t have wanted any more than this! I’m feeling a bit gooey about family life at the moment. Ofcourse it’s not easy and there’s tears and tantrums, but I’ve never felt more confident in our bond, perhaps Gully coming up to a year means I’m feeling less like I’m juggling the needs of so many. Maybe it’s just that sun!? Like I said, everyone feels better when the sun shines! Here’s our Monday in pictures. It’s amazing to compare this visit to our last, how the children have grown!!




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