Rocking the Royal Vintage Look (via charity shops)

I’m no style icon! This won’t come as a surprise, I pretty much rock the leggings and wrap dress look 24/7 I accessorise with a splash of mud or food, and occasionally a dash of milk leakage. It’s not glamourous…

My children in the other hand…. May well end the day with a similar array of marks but, they rock the vintage look. I have a bit of an issue you see. I adore the Prince George Style and poor Nerg feels the force of it. I can’t walk past a charity shop without a nose and more often that not come out with a few little gems.

Here’s a few of my face outfits to date, much to my husband’s annoyance, I’m sure there are plenty more to come.

image image


4 Responses to “Rocking the Royal Vintage Look (via charity shops)”

  1. Oh you’ve done brilliantly well in finding all of that – what a treasure trove (and I do love that little stripy sailor suit!). I once read an article that suggested that the way Prince George is presented in photos is a cunning tactic – as well as making the photos timeless so he’ll never have to live down embarrassing photos of himself as a child, it presents him as looking a certain way so he’s less recognisable if he goes out and about with his nanny in more everyday kid clothes – clever if true!

  2. Ah how fab! I love how you have managed to find so many classic clothes from charity shops, all I seem to find are worn out t shirts ha ha. Would love to dress my little one more like this, but unfortunately hubby is the one who dresses her more often and he is all about pink and glitter frills 😀

    Interesting comment from Carie about Prince George clothes… I can see that! #funkykidfriday

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