Giveaway!! The True Meaning of Christmas

When I was little we had a Christmas Eve tradition, oh the 90s, with their double florals and garish decorations….back then our Christmas build up wasn’t the same drawn out process it is today: with Xmas eve boxes and the EOTS… it was far more simple.

Every year, after leaving a plate of goodies for Santa, my sister and I would have two stories before bed. There was the transitional ‘Twas the night before Christmas, which I can recite word from word to this day and, a little book of Christmas which told the story of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem and pushing out the son of God in a stable…..We went to christingle services and carol concerts, we did school nativities… (my sister was always Mary…. I was a donkey) and, while we were (of course)very excited for Santa we knew exactly what the true meaning of Christmas was.

I’m sure my children have a rough idea too (Roo is a camel this year) but I do feel saddened that the nativity seems lost, even H’s carol concert is more ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ than ‘we three kings….’ and it’s a shame. A big shame! Last year I dug out my old nativity story and added it to the children’s Xmas eve box, but, reading through, it just didn’t capture the attention of the children (it did mention Herod slaughtering all the baby boys though: I certainly didn’t remember the words being that graphic when I was young).

An alternative was clearly needed…..I was contacted by Will Thach to ask if I would review his children’s book ‘The Girl Who Saved Christmas’ and, with a perfect combination of Santa magic and the Christmas message, I’m really excited to present it to the children this year.


I originally intended to include this review in a post on ‘our Xmas eve box’ but I was so enchanted by the story that I felt I should write a full article on it. I don’t take on many reviews because it’s important to me that I’m authentic to my blog and you guys, my readers but, sometimes you get offered something which is so beautiful that you just want to share and go that extra mile.

I’ve written about EOTS recently. I have a big issue with using Santa and the elf as a discipline technique ugrah! and the whole naughty/nice thing has never sat well with me, my kids drive me crazy but I wouldnt dream of leaving a stocking of coal….Giving at Christmas (however small) has nothing to do with the recipients deeds, neither is it about stroking your own ego… it’s about showing love…. love that is unconditional…this is the type of love that the nativity teaches us and The Girl Who Saved Christmas captures it so beautifully.


The book itself is bound in red velvet with gold detail and stunning illustrations. It has a high quality feel. An attractive addition for your own family tradition and durable enough to survive the generations. I certainly intend ours to be passed down to grand-children one day…

One Christmas, all the world’s children are bad– all except one! Molly must save the holiday by reminding Santa of the true meaning of Christmas.


“A charming Christmas book for all ages.”
–Kirkus Reviews


“A pure delights from the first page to the last.”
–The Midwest Book Review

To order your own copy do check out the website Where you can also find a delightful video preview. To be in with a change of winning this spectacular book do enter our giveaway. A extra special treat for the children this Christmas Eve.

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