Four For Mums: Christmas Gift Guide

Ding ding round 2!! If you missed round 1 of my Christmas gift guide (4 for the littlies) you can find it here.But this week I decided to be a bit selfish with my round up and search the web for the perfect mama gifts this season.

Something you want

I don’t know about you but as a mum I always find ‘what do you want?’ so hard to answer….. I’m not sure just when I lost my sense of self-identity but it was rolled up in a dirty nappy and shoved in a nappy sack at some point between baby number 2 and 4. My wants pretty much include going for a pee in peace. But I do like gifts for the home and things that remind me just why I’m doing this parenting malarkey.

So how about a ‘GreaterSkies’ print?

With four themes to chose from, several colour choices and beautiful personalisation options, GreaterSkies is the original custom constellation map. The detail is exquisite, and from large framed images to digital downloads, there are options available to suit all budgets.

Pick a special date, anniversary or memory, add the place and time and create a high-quality, unique map of the sky with a beautiful rendition of the stars, the planets, the Moon, the Sun, and the constellations.

Many of you will know that the birth of Gulliver didn’t go to plan, it crashed and fell in magnificent style, leaving me shell shocked to say the least. I felt so sad that he was on his own for two hours without mama or dada, so I wanted something extra special to heal those hurts. We opted to personalise ours with his date, time and place of birth and added the caption ‘Gulliver Peregrine Edward, the stars watched over you until we could meet’

Why not let someone treat you to a memory this Christmas, something just for you! That reminds you that you’re important, something unique and personal that commemorates an important moment in time and looks beautiful in the home. 

Something you need

So other than sleep, a daily make up artist, a cleaner and nanny, I don’t think mums need a lot for Christmas…… wait, who am I kidding, everything, we need everything. I rarely spend money on myself, preferring instead to spend it on the children or the house. My clothes are as thread bare as my patience and my beauty regime non-existant. I did recently however get some more camera equipment for my blog. It seemed like a good idea until I considered the amount of different hats I have to wear in a week…… actually it’s not hats it’s bags…… a changing bag, a photography bag, the kids school things and then there’s the day to day essentials, phone, purse, hairbrush….. kitchen sink. Am I the only one forever swapping bags around….. I mean I’m also going out-out next month (I know I can’t believe it either) meaning I’m also expected to coordinate my bag with my outfit (or shoes?! Apparently)

So my need gift has to be a ‘bagalldone organiser

The ‘bag all done’ comes in three colour options: red, silver and black and is ideal for keeping your essentials organised regardless of the carrier you’re using. I can switch it over according to where I’m going and the bag I’ve chosen, without fishing around, rearranging and forgetting half of what I need…… I just need to stop dumping the keys whereever I fancy when I walk in the door and I’ll be all organised and sorted in life….. maybe. 

Something to wear

Yeh so I said in the above, my clothes are threadbare. I guess this is where I recommend a stylish outfit. But I’m gonna be honest here.. If you’re a regular reader then, like me, you prob don’t want to see the latest yummy mummy dress and kitten heel boots….. or some bling that will sit in the jewellery box until 2030. What you really want are big pants, warm slippers, pjs and thick leggings that don’t rub away at the thigh while you chub rub it on the school run.

Thing is, its a gift right? for Christmas. As much as I firmly believe ‘leggings are life’ maybe they need to be a little bit festive? We are brandreps for the fabulous EmeliaRae Kids. Gully in particular has some gorgeous outfits (hold on for the baby gift guide) but this month the range has expanded to include matching mamma leggings, and I for one am keen to get my pins into a set of robins and sprouts…… further details can be found here. But that’s not all. If you fancy a discount I have a code: GULLIVER10 will give you 10% off . But hurry because Christmas order books will be closing soon….


Something to read.

I found this really tricky. Like many, I have books piled up on my shelves waiting to be read. I see reviews, and order, only to let it gather dust….Finding myself instead dipping in and out of social media more than I would a good novel, unless you count pregnancy and parenting books. 

I wrote a post not too long ago about how I worry being a SAHM had made my world small, that one day I might feel as though I’ve been consumed by it. When it comes to Christmas gifts, many may wonder why this guide isn’t full of self-care items. Experiences away from the children, nights out. make-up and gin! Well my reality as a mother is this! It’s not presents that take me a way from this role, instead it’s things that enhance it…. make it easier, celebrate it and support it. Which is why my something to read, is ‘Why Babywearing Matters’ By Rosie Knowles. Gifted to us by Sling Spot its a must have read for mums or mums-to-be.

I’m passionate about the role babywearning can play in attachment for both Mum and Dad, and would highly recommend this as a gift. Do also take a look at the website for slings, carriers, information packs and accessories.

Evidence continues to increase around the practical and emotional benefits of carrying, both to parents and their children, which can be facilitated by the practice of babywearing. Among many other benefits, babywearing can help parents bond with a new baby, and facilitate both breastfeeding and the care of the baby’s older siblings.

Babywearing also has benefits for society at large. Children are more securely emotionally attached and there is evidence of a link between the reduced incidence of postnatal depression and babywearing. In this new book, Rosie Knowles explores all these advantages, along with the practicalities of how to use a sling and the history of carrying behaviour. She demonstrates how a clearer understanding of carrying, babywearing, and the attachment theory philosophy as a whole, can ultimately lead to a happier, healthier society.

Some items have been gifted to us in return for a feature or review, however as, always all thoughts my own.

Next week?! 4 for dads…..(this is a tricky one)

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