Adventures of a Productive Half Term

Ah half term, out of routine and for once loving it!!
Normally when Scott is off work I mooch about, directionless, the clubs have stopped, no school runs and everything falls a bit slack, this week has made a nice change though. The routine of still going to work has been a big help although it’s been harder to leave the children.

imageIve mentioned before about the littlest going to nursery for one day, but, after looking around a few, we really didn’t feel it was the right option for him yet. He’s not able to vocalise his needs and still relies on us for nap time….We were told by one place we visited that he would be put in the cot to ‘rest’ and checked on every ten mins. This just didn’t sit right with me, at home he either has boob or a quiet cuddle….or he catches up on well timed car journeys, being left just doesnt suit his needs,

Instead, we have both shuffled schedules between us, this means a fair amount of train or car relays but thankfully, so far, it’s going really well.

This half term however, I decided to head into the office for longer stretches. Meaning I only had to do a few hours at home with my other role. I’m preparing for a work presentation on Monday, so I’ll be shut in the study a bit over the coming weekend, but it’s still so nice to get out and about on my own. It does mean I feel I’ve missed out on more of the children this week. H was with her dad for the start and only spent a few days with us before heading off on an adventure with a friend. But I’m finding the time I have with them all is far more energetic, more focused and, to be honest, so much more patient.

Trying to fit in tidying and general household things is a bit easier if you’re busy, this sounds strange, but when you have two hours to spare you know it needs to be done there and then…not a vague idea lingering over you all week.

We’ve  had the paddling pool out! It took a while to fill and keeping the little ones from hosing each other was a full time job. Coaxing them to get in was even funnier. In the end I jumped in… Fully clothed, dragging Scott along for the ride… Thank goodness we are not overlooked. Crazy family!!

imageimageimageOn Monday we trouped across the fields in the sun, to a friends. They were holding a refreshment stall outside their house to raise money for charity and it was lovely to support them and enjoy the countryside in the process…. Plus, amazing homemade cake and cookies are always a winner (yeh I didn’t go Slimming World this week)imageimageimageimageI hope you’ve had a lovely half term also!

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