Slimming World is Pants

I went to Slimming World with a pair of pants stuck to my jacket….seriously that shit really happens, I’m a walking talking chick lit cliche. How I managed to escape the house, go to the cash point, park the car, walk into the building, do my induction and get a cupa before I realised I’ll never know.

They were, thank god, clean ones, a dainty lacy mint green pair to be precise…. So it could have been worse. I hastily scooped them into my handbag and did briefly consider reintroducing them as a screwed up hanky during the evening, just in case anyone had noticed and was in doubt…. But I didn’t, they sat there, nestled between my iPhone and note book, a big ball of shame.

Talking of big balls of shame…. Slimming World!! Oh my!

imageI’m a yoyoer…. I lost a whopping 4 stone last year, on an app, alone, but, 2 have slowly crept back on and I figured I’d go searching for some support, maybe meet some friends…. Someone to go swimming with, or sit in the sauna with while we sweat out a few lbs….

I’m back from my jolly and I just had to blog, I don’t know what’s normal at these groups…. What passes for support, what passes for shame, but we sat there, three newbies in a pool of insecurities while the ‘leader’ worked her way through the list…..

Oh Linda (not real name) what happened this week Linda?

Linda: no verbal mumbling
Well…. Draw a line? Let’s try again next week shall we?

And so to the next person …….

Some people made excuses,
Some people made jokes
Some people got certificates
Some people got the disappointed head shake
It was rather scary 

One thing is for sure, as I said to the lady next to me….. I’m going to be terrified into losing weight.

Still, one pair of pants down… That’s gotta be a lb or 2 right?? I’ll keep you updated on progress. Not keen to add a category for this, I have food issues that one day I’ll divulge but for the meantime, it’s back on the no cake wagon.

12 Responses to “Slimming World is Pants”

  1. Good luck with your slimming world journey Emily, I know a lot of people who have attempted it and done well. I wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself just embrace who you are, and enjoy the process, you are beautiful as you are. xx

  2. Well done for going, it can be quite daunting that first group can’t it? I’m still a member although while I’m pregnant I’m not keeping an eye on my weight. However, once little miss has arrived I’ll be back on the no cake wagon with you. Good luck x

  3. Me and my mum joined SW last July and since then my mum has lost 5 stone and gone from a size 22 to now a size 12. I have lost 2stone 2 lbs and have gone from a size 14 to a 10. I love it stick with it as it does work xx

  4. I cannot comment as I have never been to slimming world or weight watcher or any of them. BUT I have been on a mission to lose weight and as you kind of mentioned I have a history with food and dieting etc. I’m in a happy place right now and I think I’ve accepted who I am a little more.I hope you do too xx x

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