You Know Youre a ‘Slummy Mummy’ When

  • You buy new vests for the baby rather the tackle the washing basket
  • You have sung mumma mumma me me me me more milkshake to yourself at least twice this year.
  • You wish it wasn’t  taboo to do the school run in your jammies.
  • Your wardrobe houses 3 different sizes of clothes –
  • You can’t fit into any of them.
  • You own a Kath Kidson picnic basket, but 9 times out of ten have opted for pre-prepared sandwiches.
  • Going to the supermarket is a day out.
  • Despite being both appalled and disgusted with yourself, you have lingered on ITV a few seconds more than you should to find out who the daddy is –
  • You justified this by saying that it puts your life in perspective.
  • You wish it wasn’t t taboo to attend baby groups in your jammies.
  • You use wet wipes to clean everything
  • You say thats not my (insert noun) daily, and chuckle to yourself….. (Items include: dishcloth, potato, baby).
  • You cant remember the last time you wore those must have heels (but youre pretty sure no one wears platforms anymore).
  • Wearing odd socks is most definitely a fashion statement.
  • You wish it wasn’t t taboo to visit the newsagents in your jammies.
  • You have resorted to using old curtains when throwing together a fancy dress outfit….
Can You think of anymore???


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