Week 31: We’ve been invaded

So Ive managed to waddle (yep Im doing that now) up to my office this evening, ice pole in one hand and banister clutched in the other heaving myself up the stairs like a poor lame hippo, I figured its about time I update my blog with the joys of pregnancy and family life. Im trying to climb the two flights of stairs as little as possible at the moment, terrified ill trip. For most people it would make sense to limit such excursions by remembering to take up or bring down various things each time, but Im so forgetful that I often reach the top floor in a state of hyperventilation only to find I forgot to bring up the washing/paperwork/nit-comb etc.


Yep some pesky head lice have found a way into our home repeatedly over the last few weeks, at least 3 times a week Ive found myself on the top floor bathroom with H only to discover I left the comb in the living room. Im very tempted to buy three and keep one on each floor just in case. Horrid little things! Although, I actually find eradicating them somewhat therapeutic. Theres something really satisfying about combing through my girls hair and catching a big fat wiggler or at least there was for the first two weeks I just cant understand why theyre coming back, theyre like Rasputin, you kill them off with some pretty hard-core Headrin warfare, trap and dispose of their offspring, wash all the bed sheets and repeat over their (googled) life cycle and yet they still wont blommin DIE!

It does appear as though H is the only unlucky one but on the safe side its best to check the entire Macdonald clan to be sure. This means the whole family now start running away when they see me appear in the room in manner of crazy headlice serial killer woman, with facemask, gloves, conditioner and comb (depending on if I remembered to bring it to the correct floor). Today its so far so good, but Im starting to run out of steam literally, if I sit in that boiling hot bathroom for one more friggin evening Im gonna scream. Luckily, my girly is taking it very patiently and is able to look on the bright side of things. Good bye boring ponytail mummy now sends me to school with plaits of steal and buns of iron. Just you try it pests I dare you!!

So, Im well and truly done with pregnancy, 9 weeks to go and counting. Ive got my office fan up and running now which is helping at work but, with these eye issues and the heat Im looking forward to going on leave in two weeks, not least because we have to move house again! Still, no better time to move and pack then when the nesting kicks in I guess, but Im finding that even my x2 30 min daily naps are just not enough to stop me flagging by the evening.

And on cue, I just started yawning into my keyboard.

boyLittle man has self-weaned and hasnt nursed for nearly a week now, Im actually quite relieved as I dont think either of us were enjoying it anymore, Im preparing myself in case he wants to start again once Macfly arrives but for the moment Im loving that I can wear a decent bra for the first time in nearly two years nursing get-up just isnt attractive. A big plus (so far) to this pregnancy is that I dont have any new stretch marks woo hoo, this may change over the next couple of months but for the moment its a relief to know my already tigger-like stomach hasnt got any worse, they developed around the 25 weeks point in both my previous pregnancies so fingers crossed eh?

All recent blood tests were fine meaning no gestational diabetes, phew! or iron deficiency, this is a relief!

LUCOZADE_ORIGINALThe GDT wasnt a fun experience; I had to have a blood test at the hospital confirming again why I dont want to give birth anywhere but my own house I then had to sit for two hours after drinking Lucozade normally I would relish some time away from the kids and there was a TV in the day room, but had I been at home I could have watched a bit of Jeremy Kyle without feeling guilty/embarrassed/ashamed of myself, but I knew I couldnt risk tuning in while the midwives floated about. God forbid anyone discover my guilty pleasure instead I hid a copy of closer magazine (I found it there) inside the guardian. It was full of celebrities Ive never heard of losing weight after pregnancy way to go NHS!! Way to go!!

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