#themeinmummy 22/07

oh what a week! I hope you’ve all taken some time to yourself cos, let’s face it the schools have broken up, children everywhere and new jobs…. Wait what? Just me, I shall enlighten you shortly. Welcome to another week of #themeinmummy

Mummy doesn’t have a visible ‘me’, but she’s there, you can hear her even if she if she can’t be seen. In amongst the chaos of family life or working, the ‘me’ can get lost, remain invisible, but damm it! we all deserve time to be ourselves: whether that involves a cheeky glass of wine, treating yourself to a gift, a lone shopping trip, or even a spa day (wouldn’t that be nice) I say we take a few moments to capture the ‘me’.

There were some yummy treats served up this week, as some of you shared your food with me, always welcome. I don’t know about you, but I can’t open a mummy blog without stumbling upon an article on clean living and healthy eating, fresh clean happy shitting bloody lettuce…. Oh I know it’s good for my body, but sometimes I just wanna eat chocolate covered biscuits without feeling guilty (thank you mom.to.go)

Jokes aside, I do think linking in with other bloggers is so important. Not just to catch trends, make friends and trade views. but also to understand how other families interact and do things. When you become a parent, or perhaps even more so a mother, it’s so easy to be consumed by your own family. Your tradition and your way of doing things…. your routine and your inside jokes. However, I sometimes wonder if in doing this, we are creating a generation with tunnel vision.
Your way of life isn’t the only way, and #themeinmummy, while self reflective should also encourage us to use our ‘me time’ to check in with others.

Justsayingmum reinforced this for me this week with her capture. People watching can teach you a lot about life and I’d encourage you all to wander over to her Instagram feed. It truly is beautiful with its funny and inspirational quotes and elegant imagery. I may also have a bit of blog envy! PARIS!!


As for me? This week I have been very self reflective, (Clearly I’m in that sort of mood at the moment) I have realised that aside from my children, I derive a lot of my identity from my career. My newly discovered ‘metime’ would not of happened if it had not been for taking a role in the city rather than home working, but I feel I have not been challenged enough. I draw my energy from other people and I think it’s really important that in order to thrive in marketing I need to surround myself with other creatives. The corporate world is not for me. I can work with it, but I need more creative input. So I got myself flowers this week and applied for a new job with a marketing agency. I’ll let you know how this turns out.


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Have an awesome week guys! I’m hoping so see some funny shares this week after my rather serious reflections #themeinmummy grabbing five mins on the loo to escape?

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