#themeinmummy 15/07

You guys are so awesome our little community is growing and I’m suddenly hit with the realisation that every week I actually have to pick a photo to feature which, with so many varied images, is quite difficult.

Mummy doesn’t have a visible ‘me’, but she’s there, you can hear her even if she if she can’t be seen. In amongst the chaos of family life or working, the ‘me’ can get lost, remain invisible, but damm it! we all deserve time to be ourselves: whether that involves a cheeky glass of wine, treating yourself to a gift, a lone shopping trip, or even a spa day (wouldn’t that be nice) I say we take a few moments to capture the ‘me’.

While last week saw a clear theme emerging…this week was slightly less alcohol fuelled. From Festivals (jealous) to the gym (so in awe) flowers… to down time….  Do take a moment to pop over to #themeinmummy on Instagram for some inspiration. Special mention to Clarissa at llittlelikelylads for making me smile with her addition

One thing that stood out to me with this weeks gallery, was that finding opportunity for #themeinmummy doesn’t have to be time consuming. Sometimes we are so intent on creating and dreaming about the perfect ‘me’ day that it never happens, and we miss that little opportunity we could have taken for ourselves.

Sarah over at mumzilla Really captured these little moments for me with her beautiful image this week (I’m a sucker for bright colours) and it really reminded me sometimes all you need is a cupa, occupied children and a little read to recharge your batteries….ready to take on the world again (especially when summer hols start up)


As for me? Well Scott and I went on our third date in so many years. …We packed a picnic basket and went to see an open air performance of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ last night. Sat on the grass a little way back from the crowd, we drank our cocktails and champers, stuffed our faces with goodies and laughed out our pasta salad…. On the way home we talked about how lovely it was to be childfree… Just for an evening we could be mistaken for any other young carefree couple…. Except the leaving five mins early so we could beat the queue and be back in time for our baby sitter.


Want to get involved?

Every Friday I will be sharing a moment from my week where I wasn’t just mum, and I’d love you to join in too.

Simply add #themeinmummy to your insta image description and I’ll feature my favourite every Friday on the blog as inspiration for others and a celebration of YOU!

If you fancy getting social do tweet me the link and I’ll happily retweet

Have an awesome week guys! #themeinmummy can be harder to find when schools break up but do spare her some thought

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    • Both your images were lovley, I had to go with my staple colours though…. Enjoy this time, you deserve it! Thanks for joining in…. Also can’t believe you had a pair of shoes make it through the whole year…. Might have snooped about your Instagram a bit X

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