The Yummy Mummy Experiement pt2

So I did it, today I got up early, despite a rather disturbed night; I put on my face and squeezed into some less slouchy clothes. The aim of this experiment was to gauge the reactions of others; do others treat you differently according to how you look?

Fleetingly my husband comments ˜oh, youre wearing a dress today and the baby has a fab time rummaging in the make-up bag.DSCF3407 but thats the extent of the day, I kid you not, making an effort with your appearance increases your own self confidence….. and….I must admit I felt more empowered today, that might be because it was such a sunny afternoon though, blue skies do put you in a better mood,

…..But the mums you chat to normally, make the same efforts and the lady down the road who sneers at you each morning, still sneers at you.. I did think she was waving to me at one point but I suspect her yummy mummy friend was behind me. The man who delivered the milk, continues on his way without a passing glance and the lorry drivers rolled past, not even a wow you made an effort today beep!


I wish I could offer more, some witty insight into how wearing make-up and making an effort each day will magically transform your life, Instead Im left with the following realisations:
  • You still cant breastfeed in magic underwear
  • You will spend the day checking your skirt isnt tucked into your leggings
  • You will panic if you think its going to rain for fear of a make-up melt down
  • You will be terribly tired by 4 pm having got up too early
  • You will feel more confident
  • You will develop a horrid make-up related pimple by the end of the day
  • Your children and friends dont give a toffee what you look like
  • Youll realise that is the most important thing to remember

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