The Perfect Slumber Party With Confetti Betty

Collaboration: Planning the perfect slumber party with confetti Betty Devon

Gone are the days of vhs teen flix, truth or dare chubby bunnies, dream phones and air beds…todays teens would no doubt find our slumber parties of the 90s and naughties laughable…. and that’s before they find out about crimpers and hair mascara.

In a world of instagram, Pinterest and social media, sleepovers appear to have been ramped up a notch or two since health ledger sang “I love you baby” over loudspeaker in 10 things I hate about you…. yet, just like our younger selves, today’s teens love a pj party with friends, and as a mum of a 13 year old I’m a little relieved that h growing up means I have one less ‘whole class’ birthday party to host each year. 

But as you know, if you’ve visited before I love to plan special events! I have my own Facebook group (mother of all occasions) and while I waved a fond farewell to Harriet’s days with pass the parcel and magical statues. I totally embraced the spirit of all things slumber party for her 13th and, with the help of Devon based party planners Confetti Betty, we set to work on our pj party set up…….looking  to create and unique and beautifully modern slumber party of your own? Hopefully these photos should give you some ideas. From treat baskets sweets, facepacks and teepees, fairylights and flamingos, Harriet was blown away by her party set up.

Oooo and there’s a bonus video of my girls awesome birthday celebrations

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