The Mother Of All Insomniacs

I dont know what it is about us mums, but according to my extensive research (Googleing for 5 mins) insomnia is fairly common for us.

WHY? You scream, surly the never ending merry-go-round of childcare, washing, cooking, cleaning, work, blogging and the wiping of little noses, is enough to send us into a coma as soon as our tired little heads hit the pillow of our unmade beds¦ I wonder if the constant night feeds, puts us out of sync? If grabbing those 30 mins to yourself each night to watch re-runs of Dawsons Creek (just me?!) mean that, like our offspring, we miss that tired window sometimes….. Unfortunately, unlike baby Roo this issue cant be cured with a bit of boob and a snuggle with my blanky (v v v odd and disturbing if it could). So what to do??DSCF3302

Well Im heading downstairs to grab a Horlicks. I vaguely remember seeing it in the cupboard recently, which given that I must have been the one to unpack it after the big move a month ago, shows just how sleep deprived I must be. I dont even know if I like the stuff. Here are my tips to motherhood insomnia

  • Grab a Horlicks oh for the love of.. don’t, dont grab a Horlicks, it tastes like feet!
  • Remember, those self-aware angsty teens with a vocabulary far beyond their years can wait Yes even Pacey!
  • Dont check on the children, yes I know they look beautiful when asleep but dont let that cloud your memory of the other 12 hours a dayDSCF3309
  • Dont start fretting that there is no way your children sleep for 12 hours (neither do mine, It just sounded good)
  • Do, make a to-do-list
  • Dont write to-do-list then sing ˜Hang me on the wall to the tune of Fly me to the moon, (youll never get to sleep if youâre being a silly billy)
  • Dont do some cleaning (if I”d have said DO some cleaning you would feel guilty for not, so better me take the option away from you)
  • Do make a delicious Options wicked white chocolate
  • Dont let it go cold while you write a blog post
  • NOOOO, dont make another one; youll never get to sleep!!!

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