The mid-way spot week 21

Woo hoo, Ive past the halfway point and therefore last week we got to see our little one again. The 20 week scan was pretty awesome, no, not the 45 min wait with a bored 8 year old and an inquisitive toddler, not the constant trips to the loo or even seeing the fish again, but the sonographer was lovely. She explained everything she was looking at and even if I did have to nod and smile a few times because the fuzz on the screen made little sense to me, it was great to know that all is well and our macfly is developing away nicely. I have to admit that on one of my many trips to the loo (half way through the scan I add) I did have an overwhelming urge to know the sex of our next arrival. Luckily hubby stayed strong and we are still team yellow.

scan 2

Despite raving about how wonderful my skin is looking these days Im having to write this post in 15 min slots as, I have apparently developed a bad case of eye acne yep it exists. My face is clear but after weeks of struggling in front of the computer for work, a trip to the A&E eye department confirmed that I have been getting inflamed cysts on my inner eyelids. Its a condition which affects menopausal women?? And can lead to flaks of skin being dragged across the eye causing infections (like the conjunctivitis I had before) and dry eye. No wonder Ive been in so much pain! Just to top this off, I have also got some on my ears too which could be the cause of my headaches. Off to the specialist Friday to see what can be done, It may be a case of put up until little one arrives. And I thought everything was going so well.

bfeedingThe sickness has died down, only once or twice a week now and I’m getting bigger by the day. Baby Roo seems to be over his nursing strike and, although Im questioning if hes getting any milk now or just enjoys the comfort of nursing, Im glad he wants to continue a while longer. Were having to negotiate the bump now which is tricky, not to mention that if the next one continues as long as him I will have been breastfeeding for 4 years straight. 4 years of nursing bras and baggy tops How glamorous! Thats also four years of sitting down to nurse only to discover that both your cupa tea and the tv remote are out of reach and, four years of worrying youre gonna squirt milk over anyone who happens to be within boob shot of your hungry child. Youve been there right? That rush of panic when little one pulls away suddenly mid-feed and your milk lands on your friends tuna sandwich. Still, We have two for a reason right?


The name debate continues, we cannot agree on one for either sex and Iâ

m starting to wonder if we will ever find something we both like. Of course Macfly Macdonald has a ring to it right?? I find myself listening more on the school run as parents call after their offspring in sing song tones, ˜Did you remember your lunch Jasper?˜How was your day Gertrude? Dont pick your nose Billy… you get the idea. It would be nice to have something more unique this time around; I think you get braver the more children you have I mean little Gertrude is number 5 in her family

Suggestions on a postcard!


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