Ten signs you’re a blogger

I’ve been reading some lovely posts from established bloggers on their 10 signs. Although I’ve been blogging for three years, I’m only now beginning to link in with the parent blogging community, therefore I’m not in humble brag territory just yet, no PR companies begging for collaboration…. . Just the odd acne treatment… And no regular linkups being hosted…. Although I’d love to host one one day… Therefore my ten signs are more for the writers out there trying to blog their way to fame…. I see myself as the Bridget Jones of the blogging world… Not the famous diary bit… But the big Spanx bit, the glamour fails and the constant use of ……… (Mainly because I ramble and am got great at punctuation)
Any who here are my 10 signs

1. When buying (charity scouting) for children’s clothes, I look for items that would look good on Instagram…. I’m talking bright yellows and orange… I don’t care how cute that jumper is, if it’s beige it’s a no no

2. Despite appreciating what a huge decision having another child is, more than once you have thought ‘wouldn’t it be great for my WordPress stats’ 

3. Those lovely crafts and designs you did with your children during the day?….. Yeh, you might have remade one for your blog images…. 

4. You have more draft posts in your iPad notes than you’ve had hot cups of tea….. 

5. Rather than saying ‘are you going to call your mum/sister/friend’ after an argument, your other half says ‘suppose your gonna blog about it now’

6. When talking to someone, you’re never quite sure if you should reuse you antidote of an event… Because you’re never quite sure if they’ve read the blog version or not  

7. A parenting debate appears on Twitter, rather than reading and moving on you wonder if you should blog your stance….. A Lot…. Then it dies down and you regret missing out on that # 

8. Your personal social media is neglected in favour of your blog page…… It’s ok aunt Julie…. If you want to know how the grand nephews and nieces are getting on pop over to ‘slummy mummy’ on Facebook and give us a like

9. You have called your children by their blog nicknames more than once. Sorry H, little Roo and Nerg…. At least mummy got you the right way around for once

10. You are crazily proud of your little corner of the net, you drop your url into most conversations and even have that little link on your CV… Just I case prospective employers want to read about Dawsons creek and nappy disasters 

10 signs you know you're a blogger

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  1. This really made me smile! I remember saying to Adam when I feel pregnant with E – oooohh this is going to be another angle for the blog!! Haha! I’ve also considered (and made) outfit changes and I spent agessssss trying to offend anyone – until I suddenly decided I wanted to be more true to myself and I could stick to my opinion and respectfully disagree with anyone who didn’t see my point! H x

    • Oh Harriet, you’ve made my day…. Not only do you share a name with my daughter…. You’ve convinced me to publish that controversial post I’ve been saving….. No pressure….Of course, I have Easter tags to download (from your blog) and many many profanities to delete…. But I’ll put it up….. Maybe…. One day…..

  2. This is the second one of these posts I have read and think its a greta idea. I can relate to most of these :). Although I am actually having another baby! lol. Monkey is Monkey off the blog too so I don’t need to feel too bad about that one. Although I am trying to think up a name for the baby which will sound good on the blog too! lol x

    • Oooo I hope you write one too?? You’ve got me thinking of cute names now… I think a one syllable one would sound so sweet with monkey….. Monkey and squidge….. I bet a name will develop…. Are you writing up dates? I’ll take a peek… I adore pregnancy posts…. Makes me broody though xx

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