Sunday Funday, Farms and Family

I am very aware of the irony of when the Macdonald family visit a farm… ee aye ee aye oh. But let’s put the humour to one side and focus…. Actually no, humour is good! We had a wonderful day today (re Sunday) at a local farm open event. It’s always fab when we can find something to do nearby which is both free and good fun for the offspring. A perfect end to half term.

We did the usual, picnic (squished sandwiches) camera, three children etc and set off later than planned (as always). We met the in laws in the car park (re:field) and thus began our adventure.

It’s always a bit strange for us when the adults outnumber the children, seven Macdonalds in all, traipsing across the yard….. Scott and I are so used to doing everything as a family of five(loners), so it was nice to have some of the pressure removed today. It also meant I could stand back a bit and take some photos of the children, without worrying if one (normally Nerg) was heading into a catastrophe. I still couldn’t get a photo of all of them though. Trying to capture all three together is impossible. Roo and Harriet play a lot and Nerg pretty much runs about like a bumble bee, just happy to be involved.imageimageIt was funny to observe, they’re all so different. Roo so serious, slowly strolling along, taking it all in….Nerg a whirlwind of adventure and H…. Still keen to play in the park, but pretending not to be interested in milking cardboard cows…… She is starting to enjoy ‘grown up time’ more. With the younger two taken care of by doting grandparents we found ourselves hand in hand at times, chatting, it’s lovely to think she still doesn’t mind walking like this…. Even if last night when I helped her tidy her room she admitted I wasn’t cool.

We had a little tractor tour around the grounds, bumping our way through cows, visited ‘cheese city’ where 20lb slabs of the slinky stuff were maturing… Stacked to the celling like a library of…. Well cheese. We saw how far reaching they sent the barrels…. Checked out milking equipment…. Made more than ten breastfeeding, expressing related jokes… And ate ice cream…. Out of cows milk, not boob milk…obviouslyimageimage image

We also bumped into no less that five families we knew, thus cementing to the in laws (and ourselves) that we are actually not total loners…. Whoop woop (although, by using whoop woop, i’ve prob lost at least a dozen friends who now think I’m just as uncool as H does).
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