Sucking on Coins at Week 14

Thats right, Im 14 weeks preggers and I have no idea when that happened, Im still not even sure I am pregnant (bar the scan pics but they could be faked right?)

I had visions of telling you all about the real side of pregnancy, the un-glossy version you dont read about in parenting magazines, but this little bean is so different from my previous two monster symptom pregnancies that Id feel like a fraud if I told you I was puking every day. Oh yes Ive been sick, but with both H and Roo I did the exorcist impression every day for pretty much my entire pregnancy (and into labour last time) this time around Im doing so much better.

I do have that ghastly metallic taste thing for the first time though, It doesnt matter how many times I clean my teeth you can pretty much guarantee everything tastes like copper, yuk! Im drinking lemonade like nobodys business to try and counteract this, but Im pretty sure that rotting my insides with fizz is probably counterproductive, I dont know what else I can do though, two weeks of sucking on a coin!! Given this, its surprising the sickness is kept at bay reallylemon

Had a call from the midwife with my blood results and looks like they need to test again this week, I suspect anaemia because it doesnt matter how much broccoli I munch on I always seem to suffer from this, Its a little worrying because Ive been taking iron supplements for months now, but Im sure all will be well.

Im determined not to pile on the pounds this time around and Im very proud to say that, other than family outings, Ive not driven the car for weeks; you know that your fitness is improving when you can hold convocation with other playground mums without having to wheeze a hello after walking up the hill to the school. Having said this Im a little miffed to find my clothes getting tighter, not a problem if I wasnt still in maternity wear from the previous pregnancy though! Im loving that I dont feel I need to hide my baby belly although given the looks Ive had, I think some people suspect Ive put on weight, or worse, when they look at Roo then my tummy, that I must have more chub left over from 2012 than I really do, All should become clear to them when it rounds out a bit more though bring on the summer maxi dresses.suck-in-gut1

So apparently baby is the size of a lemon now and Im starting to look ahead to our scan in 6 weeks, Hubby is refusing to play the name game as he says we settle on one, he gets used to it then I change my mind again he has a point! Baby Roo was always Baby Roo but we went through a few girl name ideas settling on Viola in the end (Im so relieved he was boy as I really dont like that now) and I still find female names harder, H was Beth for quite a while and was going to be Samuel for boy but I do prefer more quirky names now. Hubby is set on a particular boys name and I think he reckons he can convince me of it but Im not sure.. Difficult! I guess its just Macfly for a while longer

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