With an inquisitive toddler beginning to run about and a new baby on the way I was delighted to hear about the following website a few weeks ago. Safetots uk not only stock a mahooosive amount of baby safety products its also one of those websites which you can get lost on for hours You know the sort, you go on for a changing bag and suddenly your basket is filled with all manner of equipment.

(Talking of changing bags, theres a fab range on the site just for dads. no floral in sight = no excuse for not doing the nappy run when out and about)

We live in a town house, which although giving us plenty of bedroom space for our growing family does make stairway safety a big issue for us. So far we have managed to get by, by closing the door in whichever room we are in with Roo, or using the play pen or travel cotbut alas, he can now reach the door handles and more than once has given a cheeky wave bye bye before slipping out towards the stairs. DSCF3182

With two flights to cover, we need 4 stair gates and guess what? Will any stair gate do? Oh no, the ones I lovingly saved (reluctantly shoved in shed) from when H was a toddler do not fit the required gaps, grrr! Still, safetots has a great filter on their range where you can type in the exact size of your gap, be it, for patio doors, a room divider or an open plan arch into the kitchen (yep, we have that one) and WAHLA. The site shows you the options available, pretty cool eh? Well, if I could find the bloomin tape measure that is. It went missing this weekend after a sofa bed stairway negotiation adventure which ended in hoisting a large sofa frame over the first floor balcony, I kid you not!

DSCF3205It seems like every possible new baby/toddler dilemma which Ive been concerned about can be solved on Safetots, from buggy boards, to pram seats, baby carriers and great car and pushchair organisers its worth taking a look. Here are some of my favourite products.



Lascal_Buggy_Board_Maxi_Black Skip_Hop_Alphabet_Zoo_Mega_Play_Mat Dreambaby-Easy-Fit-Kit-Silver-18-PiecesThis is a sponsored post but I only ever work with companies who I feel would be relevant to you my audience and who I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from myself all views and content are my own

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