Childhood Bucket list: Paulo’s Circus Review

So it’s official, I’m the size of a whale, I can’t shave my own legs and I get out of breath just walking up and down the stairs. The third trimester is no longer a milestone, it’s a giant mountain I have to climb before I get to hold our squishy baby and, with five weeks to go, I’m struggling with my day to day activities as a parent.

A few weeks ago we planned a lovely walk around some gardens followed by a picnic. After half an hour I was sweating, uncomfortable and downright grumpy. Every day I’m struggling to find somthing fun to do with the children that requires minimal physical effort from me…. the unicorn of all parenting activities and boy do I feel guilty!

Bring on the magic

Last weekend my prayers were answered when we were invited to visit Paulo’s Circus at Darts Farm, Exeter for their #heretodaytour . I could sit down, have fun, stuff my face with candy floss and keep three children happy for an hour or so! Win win!! Jokes aside, we really did have an amazing time and I can honestly say Paulo’s Circus should be added to the childhood bucket-list for generations to come. A staple family outing alongside beaches, walks and the pantomime, I urge every family to endulge in this magical experience. DSC_0116

I don’t know about you…..but when we see the big top and the lights of the circus by the side of the road, we are normally on our way somewhere or heading home after a family outing. By the time I remember to check show times they have usually packed up and moved on and we have missed out. This time however we were able to tell the children ‘that’s right kids, we’re going into the big pink tent you always ask about’ (of course we didn’t quite sing-song it like that, that’s just cheesy). Turning into the field to park and making our way to the ticket office, I was filled with a childlike sense of wonder, this really is a nod to traditional family fun and I’m not sure why it’s taken us so long to take our brood to a show.


Perhaps less traditionally,  we were greeted in the queue by a Scariff Stormtrooper. Anyone who knows our Roo, also knows that he is Star Wars crazy! Both him and Nerg were so chuffed by this meet and greet and, while H was reluctant to ruin her street-cred by posing for a photo, it was a lovely way to keep the little ones entertained while we lined up.DSC_0113

Once inside, we found our seats and Scott went in search of snacks…… While we visited following the latest heatwave the tent itself is heated/air-conditioned according to the weather, so this pregnant lady wasn’t about to sweat out the entire space…. phew!! Generous sized portions of candy floss (£2 each) were handed out, and we settled down to watch the show. Popcorn was also available, as were flashing light sticks and drinks, all reasonably priced with minimal queue time.

For the next hour and ten minutes we were all entertained, amazed and in fits of laughter. I was slightly concerned about how the youngest would cope sat for so long, but we need not have worried….he remained captivated throughout. From death defying feats, magical costume changes and spinning plates, to audience participation and hilarious jokes, there truly was something for everyone; it was a blast! It’s so rare to find something which can keep three children of different ages entertained at once….but Paulo’s did not disappoint, And here are our highlights:

IMG_7367Nerg age 2: The clown made “parp” noises, it was funny.

Roo age 4: I liked the start, the storm trooper was my favourite. I liked the “parp” too and the lights.

H aged 11: I liked all the dancing when they magically changed outfits, I wish I knew how they did it. The acrobatics were amazing.

Scott age 28: The wheel of death was a spectacular finale (I agree).

Me age 30: Apart from being able to chill and enjoy the show, I was totally in awe of the strength of the aerial acts. Sat there, a slightly overweight pregnant woman, I couldnt help but marvel at how skilled they were…. and of course, if I wasn’t carrying a baby I could totally unravel myself down a length of silk without a safety net high above hundreds of people….


An awesome time had by all!

If you’re looking to visit Paulo’s while in Devon, they are at DartsFarm until the 9th July and then heading down to Newquay, Cornwall. For other tour dates check out their website here. All seats are £7 but you can also get an amazing £2 off every ticket by printing off the flyer below and showing it at the payment booth on the day.

IMG_7365*disclaimer, we were gifted our tickets in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts, random moments of wit and viewpoints are my own or that of my family

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