Nostalgia For The Mid 80s Girl (oh the shame)

Ok I’m calling it! When it comes to nostalgia posts I get well and truly grumped (what, that’s a word). You can’t surf the net without seeing one or ten million, ‘if you were born in the 80s/90s’ posts…. I was born in 1986! A bit young for Stretch Armstrong and a bit old of Pokemon cards. Trends chop and change more than those Dawson’s Creek teen pairings so, for all you mid 80s kids, here a foray down memory lane just for you.
What did you read?

From those early moments on your parents lap, to sneaking the torch under the duvet just so you could  read the next chapter. Here’s the evolution of the mid 80s Child’s book shelf


And the trashy magazines

(from the tame girl talk, to the risky hide-it-so-your-mum-doesn’t-see More) Free brackets that turned your skin green, and just seventeen, before handbag sized J-17


What did you watch?

I missed out those afternoon visits to Sesame Streat. But how many of these do you remember? When children’s tv was just a few hours a day, and Channel five held such promise (oh how we were fooled) but, we survived. I especially loved the Sunday family favourites (the borrowers wrote to me)


 What did you wear?

oh the shame, the big florals of childhood to the big baggy jeans of the teen years. Funnily enough I couldn’t find a picture of those amazing skrousers (skirt trousers) I didn’t forget the bomber jacket though. The one everyone else had, but I wasn’t allowed (can’t think why) I was 5!


And of course let’s not forget the up and coming technology…. When you returned from Christmas break to find the entire school had mobile phones except you….. Well me anyway. Chances are, you had one of these bad boys…


But you lived through it…. And all without Facebook

7 Responses to “Nostalgia For The Mid 80s Girl (oh the shame)”

  1. This is so funny, I had that exact Nokia phone and was obsessed with snakes!!! I think everyone had that phone at one time! I remember reading More to and looking at position of the week with my friends, laughing ourselves stupid at the ridiculousness of reverse cowgirl thinking why would anyone do that!! The things we didn’t know back then!?! #stayclassy

  2. Hahah YES love all of them, but particularly have a lot of nostalgia for Goosebumps, Bell Bottoms, and the Nokia cell phone! I loved playing snake on my mobile, it was the beez neez lol. Wait, do you remember the first time you wrote lol in a text? LOL Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy

  3. I’m 30 this year – 1986! Peepo – I love Peepo and completely forgot about it – will try to track down a charity shop copy for my son. Mizz was awesome, me and my friend sent in a shocking story (it was a complete lie that we made up) and were sent a £20 voucher for something. Also #buffytillidie. Thanks for linking up #stayclassy

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