No Mother’s Day

It’s all over my social media news feed…. Blogs leading up to Mother’s Day with gift ideas and wish lists… I have to say, I found myself confused this week when reading some gift idea posts from other bloggers… I was thinking, surely your other half or children get your presents cards and various treats for you… It’s just struck me… Some of you have mums too. Mums who you want to share your day with, mums who are now grandparents… Why had it not occurred to me before?
There are also those inspiration quotes and images, a reminder that for some, their mother is no longer around, the day will be marked with a sadness. This isn’t me either.
There’s a breed of child missing, or rather, a mum missing… The absent mum. It’s not the mum you had and lost, it’s not the mum who is now grandma… It’s the parent who didn’t parent,
If this is you I have a simple task, make yourself a card and when enjoying your breakfast in bed, lovingly prepared by your children and other half… Open and read it… This is the card you didn’t get to send, the card your inner child needs to see opened… When you see it, remember the mother you wish you had, the hugs you deserve and the love you have to give… And then, offer that to your OWN children… BE your own MUM

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