Let Them Eat Cake (providing you dont burn it)

Confessions of a Slummy Mummy is one week old today yay! Thanks to you wonderful lot we have had 500+ hits. I reckon we should celebrate with cake, what do you think? I thought I would share with you all some baking highs and lows of mine in the hope that you will understand why Im such a pioneer of the shop bought variety.

Never let it be said that Im lacking in imagination, in fact I have big plans whenever there is a family celebration on the horizon. As the day rolls closer I somehow convince myself Im a cake maker extraordinaire. I Google images and ideas, view the odd YouTube tutorial and purchase far more ingredients, decorations and equipment than humanly necessary. In fact, each cake I set out to create inevitably hits the £30+ spending mark, somewhat counterproductive dont you think?

Especially when I then have visions of others being so overwhelmed by my talents that Im obliged to open my own bakery in order to cater for their demands. I must confess now however, that no one has ever asked me to bake them a cake and Im pretty sure I hear a little groan escape my husband each time I mention Im going on a baking spree (Im sure hes thinking about the washing up though….. Im an artist Darhhhling, I do not wash dishes.. yes, I could put them in the dishwasher but, once again, like always, its full of clean stuff!!)

I may have the er physique of a baker, I may have the imagination of a baker; I may even have these cool metal icing nozzles and piping bags like a baker. But, Im afraid to say, I AM NO BAKER


What you see may look idyllic, but like all good bloggers I edited my life slightly,

The idyllic image

My cupboards are in fact a mess, every cake has a story and Id like to share the truth with you…
This is what my cupboard and attempts really looks like!!
and while the outcome of the other pictures seems good (burger cake),
I’d like to point out that this took 3 days, 3 attempts, £40 and tasted like rotten turkey……. shhhhhh don’t tell though


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