Label Guns

Recently, while trying to get some feedback on my blog I was informed the following:

˜To be honest I hate all the yummy mummy / slummy mummy type labels. We are women, not just mummies. I wouldn’t read your blog because of the name (Ironically my stats went up after this with a link to the site in question, so I suspect the poster may have had a sneaky look anyway)


˜So for being normal you are labelled slummy? nice”

Its amazing how untactful people can be from behind a screen. However, always conscious of my readers (you guys have helped me hit the big 1000 hits in two weeks wooo hoo)- I wont be baking cakes this time due to a food colouring incident (fail) !!, I have decided to examine these comments and clear up any misunderstanding: Here is my Passive aggressive response……


I consider this to be a satirical blog, one which is aware that mummies place labels on ourselves and others far too often, I aim to promote a healthy view of being yourself, if we dont do the laundry or curl our hair each morning we are labelled Slummy, therefore I have embraced this. Although  I find myself chasing that elusive “Yummy Mummy” status, I dont believe it exists. The women in the playground who DO curl their hair each morning prob have curly hair anyway and cant fathom how Im able to straighten mine each day. Its that unrealistic view of what a mother should be which holds us back from just letting it all hang out so to speak (dont let it hang out, tuck it into your waistband).

You guys get it dont you???

I would like to point out that this blogging network does not belong to the fabulous website I work for! Its the other one (wink).

So, Im thinking we need to test these labels out, what do you reckon? Over the next few weeks I will take on a persona, Ill do the school run, and the supermarket trip (ahhhhh, Im an on-liner normally) as a mummy with a label. Ill be my old Slummy self, and a ˜Yummy Mummy and ˜I’ll gauge the reaction of others (including my husband and children) and see what insight I can uncover Ideas welcome here guys. I shall call this test ˜THE EXPERIMENT!!! Yeah, Ideas welcome for the title also.

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