Enough with the Humbrags


I’m absolutely guilty of the odd brag or two on social media. Please don’t think for a moment anyone is immune. I live in a little bubble: husband, offspring etc and don’t have family nearby. I have friends all around the country from various moves and life changes, I like to keep them up to date with our achievements and show them the life we lead and the craft projects we attempt. I also have the occasional rant, but all in all, I try and be positive.

That’s not to say our life is perfect, my Instagram feed and social posts show a happy side of life but, it’s not because I’m trying to deceive people that we are Pinterest perfect, it’s just because I’m fairly self contained. You don’t (for example) want to hear how at four months pregnant my mum made me and our family of four homeless (wow, I’ve not disclosed that before on here)……because it’s not something I have found easy to talk about. Also it makes you squirm, how do you react to self disclosure?? {over sharing makes me feel all weird inside: inspirational quotes with a hidden message? AWKWARD)

You don’t want to hear how I struggle day to day with agoraphobia……and at times I don’t want to share these things….because I’m not weak and victim mode is tiresome…. I will open up, I will discuss, but I might have to wait until I can use humour, letting go and forgiveness are tough, I’m not quite there, I’m still a bit bitter, but I’m trying, and I know I will be there v soon.

Being contained and modest is not a lie, it’s self respecting…. But for some it doesn’t come naturally. By all means be warey of self disclosure, Im never quite sure how to react when someone vomits  up their life to me on first meeting…… but Please Please….don’t humbrag…. It far worse…..It’s cruder than you realise… It’s pissing annoying and it’s more transparent than you think

I do make an effort to be grateful and humble. Everyone in life had their own story and their successes, I strongly believe that where you are in life is nothing compared to the things you have overcome to get there. Humbrags however, have a way of suggesting you think your life is better….. Your achievement are more…… Never underestimate luck, social circumstance and dare I say it, the way you look…..

When we in effect owned our house, I felt smug…. A smugness I now regret….. For it wasn’t my achievement anymore than someone who has had help from parents to buy….. You and/or your husband have a fab job?! Awesome!! but is it because you were privileged enough to go to university…? Because your start in life was easier, more affluent? You own your home? You have a nice car? You’re relationship is going well?? Wonderful! But spare a thought for others who may not be in the same place…. Healthy Relationship ideals passed on from parents? Educational support?……Identify the contributing factors to your perceived success.

Every morning I wake up to the most amazing view of the country, I look at it and think, wow! I’m so lucky, I look at my. Dutiful children and know how blessed I am…. Even when they’re screaming or niggling each other, or throwing food across our expensive solid wood farmhouse style table…….

See what I did there?!

The humbrag, a hybrid of humble and brag: is, at the moment my biggest pet hate. It comes in many forms, from the ‘joke’ to the #firstworldproblem complaint…,,,I can not stand it. If you want to tell me, or the rest of the world about how fab your life is… Own it! Be proud, but also know where this comes from and who it might affect….

Oooooo I sound so bitter (please know, I wrote this post four months ago and I’m posting today because I’m shattered and needed something quick) before I settle down on my dfs sofa with an expensive bottle of vino and brand new bluray

If you’re in any doubt of my ramblings, here’s a few examples (with an abrupt ending cos I’m tiiiiiierrrd)

The humbrag complaint
Ive emailed this holiday company five times to tell them we want to upgrade our suite for our three week stay in Disney land and they STILL haven’t replied grrrrrr

The subtle humbrag picture
‘here’s h on her first day back to school and oh look, can you see our new car in the background’

The question humbrag
Does anyone know what the best 3d TV is on the market? I’m lost at which to buy

The charitable humbrag
It’s so important that my children learn that ‘things’ are not important, today we donated three bags of gifts to the children’s hospice…. I’m so proud of my little darlings…..

Please tell me I’m not alone, that you see through these too? There’s modestly and then there’s false modestly….. Have you see any good ones recently? Do share? And feel free to add a joke cos this is far to serious and bitter and moany for my liking

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