Damned if we do…..

So, during preparations for an earth mother experiment (real nappy, breastfeeding and sling research) I came across a fantastic article on extended breastfeeding, this got me thinking about how us mothers are damned if we do and damned if we dont. I thought Id share a few of my thoughts with you

Are you breastfeeding?: This question, if coming from genuine interest, maybe a curious mum-to-be or a health care professional is all well and good, but if its to gauge my suitability to join your baby gang you can sod off!

Are you still breastfeeding??: So, youd judge me if I didnt but beyond the age of 12 months there must be something wrong with me for contining. Right!!


Youre doing baby lead weaning: Wont your baby get really hungry? Throw most of it around? Wont he choke? no I wont look at the book you bought to understand it better.
Youre mashing his food: Oh,how will he learn to feed himself, you’ll never get him to eat lumps, youve made a rod for your own back (agrahhhh I hate  that saying).

Make noise around your sleeping baby so he gets used to it: who really feels like hovering when you have a new born? and at 3am I’m not risking it….sorry
Sleep when he sleeps: I thought I was meant to hoover?! (also this advice only counts for the first 3 weeks after that, no matter how little sleep you’ve had, you’re lazy for wanting a nap)


Is he still not sleeping through? No, I like my two hour a night cuddles. (if I’ve not offered up the info, or said I’m struggling its NOYB)
Its psychologically damaging to let your baby cry it out: agrahhh I cant win

Can you think of anymore??

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