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 More happy snapper than professional photographer, I adore capturing the bright side of life. From accidental flat lays to family outings, my life can be viewed through a colourful grid on Instagram. It’s fast becoming my favourite social media platform.

With all my work changes recently I’ve been boring all of you with blog posts on ‘Me time‘. And I suddenly realise these moments have been popping up on my Insta feed a fair bit too. In general it seems to involve some sort of beverage, caffeinated or otherwise, but it’s demonstrates how important it is,as parents, to grab these (slim) opportunities when they arise, even if it is just a glass of bubbles.

Mummy doesn’t have a visible ‘me’, but she’s there, you can hear her even if she if she can’t be seen. In amongst the chaos of family life or working, the ‘me’ can get lost, remain invisible, but damm it! we all deserve time to be ourselves: whether that involves a cheeky glass of wine, treating yourself to a gift, a lone shopping trip, or even a spa day (wouldn’t that be nice) I say we take a few moments to capture the ‘me’.

Every Friday I will be sharing a moment from my week where I wasn’t just mum, and I’d love you to join in too.

Simply add #themeinmummy to your insta image description and I’ll feature my favourite every Friday on the blog as inspiration for others and a celebration of YOU!

If you fancy getting social do tweet me the link and I’ll happily retweet

So hear we go, #themeinmummy FRIDAY 1/7

Last week, after the children went to bed, I sat out on our deck with some wine. (See I told you drinks were often involved) I knew, that the next day I would be consumed by deadlines and I had to take this one chance to chill out, the washing was even more behind than normal, I had emails coming out if my ears, but I sat, for two hours slowly drinking a whole bottle of wine. I also browsed eBay and bid on some items just for me: some books. I’m re reading old ones from my youth at the moment, easy reading, pick up and put downable…… It’s funny how I used to think they were so serious, now I see them for the trash they are…… Of Course what do you expect from point horror.



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  1. Love this! Me time is so important and as I’ve found out recently it’s not just having it but what you do with it that’s important, well it is for me anyway. My default when I have a spare minute is scrolling through Facebook or Twitter with a cup of tea, but when I’m having a bad day it generally just makes me feel worse but I still do it! Why oh why?) I’m making an effort to schedule in time to be mindful…. Or mindless…. Whichever really 😛 I will definitely be joining in with your hashtag, fabulous idea, loving your work xx

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