A Cure For Procrastination

Ive been putting off posting forever, I always seem to procrastinate when it comes to something I’m passionate about.
The fear of getting it wrong? How ironic given that not doing is the only sure fire way to fail….

I love special occasions, I love all things home decor and I’m so excited about Christmas this year that I could burst. I have so many plans to make it magical… vlogmas for one and my tree, wait until you see my tree! 

I’ve been goal setting! a big goal for me is to work with brands for existing projects I have planned. Rather than taking work and reviews when offered, I want to lead my own content and approach others for collaborations. That way my platforms aren’t diluted by topics that neither you or I will enjoy…….

But I often lack confidence in my abilities……. in order to approach I need evidence that I know what I’m doing, and the fear that my content will be subpar keeps me from posting time and time again.

Ive stayed in my comfort zone long enough though. It’s time to make mistakes and fail and learn from them and progress…… but what’s this all about??

Well a month ago I set myself the task of a photo shoot for Gully’s birthday. I wanted to write about my beautiful boy….. not his birth, I’m still not ready for that, but him! I wanted to show I could take nice photos….. plan and be creative.

But it didn’t work out! I planned so much and the photos weren’t as I hoped….. although the day was wonderful, I was crushed…..and I leant an important lesson….. sometimes you have to push yourself…. And that’s not something I do very often, I don’t push I don’t learn new things because if I fail…… oh god if I fail I must be worthless!

So when was the last time I actually tried to do something new???? Learn a new skill, took a risk?? I don’t even remember.

I make too many excuses and take not enough action….. but something has changed, and I think I might know what it is……

I’m letting more people in, you don’t realise how guarded you are until you begin breaking those barriers down. I’m letting in positivity! where previously I’ve been a sceptic and eye roller, I now find myself saying things like ‘you’ve got this’ and ‘go girl’ (although maybe not with an American twang) and it works, it actually works!!!

So let’s see where this takes me…… let’s see if I can stop sabotaging my opportunities…. I’ve kept up my YouTube, time to sort out this blog…. 

And the next post…… will some photos from Gully’s birthday….  and a remodelled shoot I did the next day after actually learning somthing new….. how to use my camera settings.

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  1. Just read this (even though I’m a little late to the party) and I can definitely relate! I always seem to procrastinate even though the thing I’m avoiding is something I enjoy! Hope you’re feeling much better about things now 🙂

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