#themeinmummy 8/07

Last week was our first week of #themeinmummy and thank you to those of you who joined the community on Instagram.

Mummy doesn’t have a visible ‘me’, but she’s there, you can hear her even if she if she can’t be seen. In amongst the chaos of family life or working, the ‘me’ can get lost, remain invisible, but damm it! we all deserve time to be ourselves: whether that involves a cheeky glass of wine, treating yourself to a gift, a lone shopping trip, or even a spa day (wouldn’t that be nice) I say we take a few moments to capture the ‘me’.

A definite trend emerged this week involving alcohol, and Sarah at Team Mom Life did share a picture of some fabulous vegetables which I can only assume is because she’s proud that she is harvesting as little bit of a project….. Don’t potatoes make vodka? I’ve figured out your game.

This weeks winner is Emma over at A FEW OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS who tagged us in a rather scrummy photo of cocktails while out with the girls. I was more than a little jealous of her well deserved ‘me time’


I’ve been working into the wee hours this week trying to get up to date with both my jobs…. Ofcourse the list is never ending but I feel I’ve made some headway. It means that I’ve had very little time to myself. Ive also been feeling a bit under the weather and late nights don’t help with the recovery, but Scott is off work for a whopping 7 weeks now meaning I’ll have more time in the day to tackle that to-do-list. I did take a bit of time to pamper myself though, my roots were in desperate need of a top up and I wanted to try out a slightly new shade of red. I also found an awsome facepack, just because…. Well… Teal and pink!!

Want to get involved?

Every Friday I will be sharing a moment from my week where I wasn’t just mum, and I’d love you to join in too.

Simply add #themeinmummy to your insta image description and I’ll feature my favourite every Friday on the blog as inspiration for others and a celebration of YOU!

If you fancy getting social do tweet me the link and I’ll happily retweet

Here’s to another week of hard work but I really hope you all take some time to reconnect with #themeinmummy

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  1. I really like the idea of this Instagram community that focuses on who we are aside from being mommies. I am honored to receive a mention. I was very proud of our harvesting. It’s a side project of mine at work for our community.

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