#themeinmummy 29/07


I’m feeling very guilty this week that my poor blog just seems to be #themeinmummy while my job hunt continues. I’ve selected a company I would love to work for and even created a marketing campaign surrounding it. (You can check it out here). I love creating new things, in fact if you check out my occasions category you will be confronted with many little craft projects. It seems this week however, I’m not alone, many of you also shared with me how a touch of homemade can be a perfect way to relax and remind yourself of who you are aside from a parent.

Mummy doesn’t have a visible ‘me’, but she’s there, you can hear her even if she can’t be seen. In amongst the chaos of family life or working, the ‘me’ can get lost, remain invisible, but damm it! we all deserve time to be ourselves: whether that involves a cheeky glass of wine, treating yourself to a gift, a lone shopping trip, or even a spa day (wouldn’t that be nice). I say we take a few moments to capture the ‘me’.

There were so many lovely images this week. As you know, I like my bright colours and Clarissa’s post really caught my eye. Her feed itself is simply stunning with a mix of yellows, blues and pinks…. A combination of her, her family and the beauty in their lives. Every week I very much look forward to her entries and its so uplifting to see that she takes a little time for herself. It also made me think about how ‘me time’ and us time are so closely linked. It’s important to reconnect with your other half and well, wedding…..


I guess this week I’m very aware of how much I need my other half to ensure I get some time alone, we have had to rethink our life a bit more. If I get a full time job Scott has agreed that in order for me to grow my career, he will need to take a step back from his. It’s something we have discussed before but hadn’t panned on executing for a year or so. When I’ve been down this week he has taken on the childcare, he has run me a bath or let me sleep in a bit longer. He’s enabled me to focus on myself a bit. Given me the opportunity to chill with a Doctor Who comic and a cupa tea. He’s also joined a tennis club which is awesome and gives him a chance to get out, escape from the humdrum of family life. It’s a partnership.



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