The Thin Red line

So, we’re e pregnant! I hope this goes a little way to explain my absence of late, Ive either been with the kiddies, working, or sleeping. Bfeeding a toddler during the early stages of pregnancy is exhausting not to mention slightly painful but, we’re re still pushing forward in an earth-mother-with-kids-hanging-of-her-boobs kinda way.

The day the red line appeared I had stocked up on the following at Tesco. A bottle of Malibu, 3 ovulation kits, a pregnancy test and a big box of tampons I secretly snuck away to the loo when we returned home (thanks to In The Night Garden) and obviously was delighted when the line appeared! But my second thought, was dam it.. What a waste of a shopping trip.

I hadnt really expected to be pregnant that month, I mean, my cycle had been all out and all attempts had failed for 3 months previously. Plus, with the pressures of Christmas and various house guests, hubby and I are certain we didnt actually do the deed, we still dont remember when said event took place.. gosh is that marriage for you? I mean I often forget when he asks to me wash certain jumpers and in turn he has forgotten to sort the tv wires for 6 months now, but sex erm thats never happened before

Yes Aunt Flow was late, but it wasnt the first time since she reappeared following Baby Roos birth, I took the test out of habit really and low and behold, there it was, the thin red line!DSCF4218edit

Our dates have been very hard to decipher as this line appeared a week after conception (even odder now that I dont remember). Those hormones must have been strong I spent the first 8 weeks thinking I was two weeks ahead of myself and couldnt understand why I didnt feel particularly sick. An early scan revealed our Macfly (After the BTTF character, not the band) was strong and healthy but wouldnt be sharing my Virgo birth sign as suspected (no I dont believe in that, but sounds cool right?….. ok, I couldnt think of another way to wrap up that sentence).

Surprisingly the sickness is so much easier to manage than both my previous pregnancies, maybe its because theres little time to dwell and wallow but I feel so much better than before. The problem with third time around is the good old pelvic floors are less forgiving. I’m not trying to gross you out but, ever puked and peed?…. its humiliating!! Ive taken to attempting to reinstate them every time I boil the kettle. This is fairly often, as, when you have a toddler the kettle is re-boiled at least four times before you actually get round to making a brew!

As you can see Im not going to be sharing the glamorous side of pregnancy (does it really exist). Id love to do a bump update every week for you but erm at the moment I look about 6 months gone, the joys of close pregnancies! Ill simply relate as I always do, the reality of being a slummy mummy of two three

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  1. Yay! Congrats on baby number 3! You are a better woman than me! LOL! I can’t wait to hear more about the pregnancy and baby names and is it a girl or boy if you guys find out ahead of time. Back in my day we didn’t do that, it was a big fat surprise!

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