If I Were a Piece of Lego, Which Would I Be?

….. This is the sort of conversations my husband and I have. Sat in the car on our way back from Drogo (national trust) on Sunday, he asks me this…… Post wondering if we could get away with just a quick sarnie for dinner cos we are too tired to cook….and after chatting about our latest eBay finds…. We actually spent a solid 20 mins discussing the personification of Lego.

We decided to jazz up the already riveting debate by assigning two pieces, one for ourselves and one for the other….. We then compared

My choice

A 2×2 for him
A single roof point for me (the one that is split into four and sits in the centre of the imaginary house)

He’s a 2×2 because he’s simple (not in the intellectual sense) but useful, the cornerstone, strong and dependable….Yes, I know I’ve made him sound boring, but truth is, you know where you are with a 2×2….. I suppose he could be a clear one? Or a jazzy colour? To set him apart from the rest?…. He’s not disappointed with my analogy though, on the contrary…. He starts taking about the building blocks of Rome….

I’m that single roof point, coz I’m pretty eclectic, I mean really not much use for anything other than the job in hand…. (The perfectionist) but once you find me I complete you…. Well, your home anyway…. Often stuck under the sofa, surrounded by dust….. Lost in a pile of toys…. But I make it worthwhile…. I have purpose…. I’m the more ‘driven’ block in our marriage…. I don’t fit in other places, I’m a bit awkward…. I like my comfort zone….. Oh and I’m red…. Red hair and perhaps a bit fiery

His choice

A 1X1 for him
A hinge for me

Apparently, he considers himself hard to find….. I mean he’s kinda right. He’s there, lots of him about, tackling various jobs always on the move, but there when it’s important…. I mean you ever built something and had that final gap left??. He also pointed out how versatile, if a little time consuming, the 1X1 is…. They’re content on their own, but also thrive as a pair of group, providing the company is of similar stature… He can’t be dealing with the bigger blocks…. The ones out to prove they’re better. Not competitive at all…..Useful and content

I’m a hinge (according to him) because I’m creative…. I mean a hinge can be a door, a drawbridge a….. Something else creative he couldn’t come up with…. He also did say hinges get squeaky and require more maintenance than your average Lego piece….. I didn’t argue…. I was too busy trying to think of another use for a hinge, but yeh, I’ll go with that…..


What about you? Crazy question, pointless post…. But I bet it’s got you thinking too….

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