Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

What are your plans for New Year? Are you hitting the town or, like me, are you curled up inside in the warm wondering when you last hit the dance floor? I think the last time I stepped into a club was quite possibly my hen party. I sobered up fairly quickly when the DJ was greeted to a huge cheer on asking who here was born in the 90s! This was my cue to leave.

Ive just got over Christmas, the last thing I want to do is go for a night on the tiles, instead, my husband is pouring over his Game of Thrones 4D puzzle at the dining room table (4th day in a row) and I find myself reliving my youth by watching Buffy re-runs: (incidentally its the episode where the adults of Sunnydale revert to their youth).

Ill try and make it to midnight asthiswill bethe timeother halfand I turn to each other, briefly mumble Happy New Year Love then continue ourseparate thrilling pursuits. Who wants to be on the wrong side of 25 in a night club anyway?

Normally the new year is when I make a Bridget Jones style list of everything I intend to achieve.. It should look like the following although of course, It looked very similar last year

new year 2

Lose weight

Always hang the washing out as soon as the cycle has finished and not just refresh the machine every 5 hours

Sort through all the cupboards which have been filled over Christmas in order to fool guests that I do truly live a neat, minimalist lifestyle

Donate the Xmas chocolates

Donate all the skinny clothes in my wardrobe because Ill never fit into them

Deal with the charity/boot sale boxes from last years (half) sort out, which accompanied us on our move and are now piled high in the bedroom

Accept Ill never look at old xmas/birthday/wedding/new baby cards again, bin them, thus freeing up space in 99% of all household drawers

Make a start on clearing my student debt (boo)

Decorate my office (cute Cath Kidson style florals)

Stop using my husbands office as a laundry room

Remember to take up any items on the stairs when passing them

Take painkillers the moment I sense a headache rather than moaning to my husband for 3 hours

Remember to take the pushchair out of the car the night before if walking to school the next day,thus avoiding therushed ninja routine with baby on hip at 8:30am

Take all meat out of the freezer the night before rather than worry all day that it will not defrost in time for dinner

Spend some time actually improving the house rather than googling design inspirations

Be assertive with our half job cleaner rather than tipping her an extra pound every week

Partake in spontaneous creative activities with the children rather than having to mentally prepare myself for the mess a week beforehand

Take up running

Update ipod for said running trips

Buy running shoes

Decide against running due to initial start-up costs

Update this blog more.. maybe when I feel guilty about not running

new year

Maybe Ill update you on the progress of this next year.. Im off to set the Big Ben countdown to record now in case I should fall asleep before midnight. Might go an open some of those yummy Xmas chocolates also..

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